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Hey there Roadburners,

Welcome to the Roadburn Redux platform.

We’ve never done a festival entirely online before so this is all new to us! We know that even the best laid plans can sometimes go awry so if anything looks out of place or doesn’t work for you, let us know in the comments and we’ll get our elite team of behind-the-scenes Roadburners on the case!

The important things to remember are:

  • Roadburn Redux is free! Donations are welcome, but even if you’re not able to chip in then you’re still very much invited to the party.
  • If you log in, you can enjoy the full functionality of the site (i.e chat and comments), but you don’t have to!
  • Content is available to re-watch after its premiere time – but only for a short while. This time next week, everything will be gone! Was it a figment of our imaginations?! We may never know…

That’s about all for now! Have a poke around and we’ll see you back here on Thursday at 7pm CEST when the whole thing kicks off for real.

-Walter, Becky, the 013 venue & the whole Roadburn team.

Kan een afbeelding zijn van de tekst 'April 16-18 18 Tilburg, The Netherlands ROADBURN REDUX Thursday- April 15 Premiere time CEST 19.00 Content 19.20 Welcome to Roadburn Redux Svart 20.20 Category Kairon; IRSE! performing Polysomn 20.30 Talks Noctule 20.50 Exclusive Sets Drowse Audio 21.00 An Autumn For Crippled Children Video remiere 22.10 Exclusive Sets Tau presents Dream Awake Audio & Video Premieres Alora Crucible Exclusive Sets Audio & Video Premieres'
Kan een afbeelding zijn van de tekst 'April16 Tilburg, The Netherlands ROADBURN REDUX Friday April 16 time CEST 13.00 Content 13.30 Douwe 14.00 Category Wolves Documentaries premiere Audio& New 15.00 Space 15.20 Emma Pelagic 15.30 Thou Lie 16.15 16.30 Atem Seemannsgarn ayoDot Marte 17.30 Brave 17.40 Gold 17.50 Motion Shame Should Mine 18.00 18.15 Johan Winther 19.00 performing Callof 19:10 Divide Exclusive 19.40 G Shame Should Not 20.15 Dust Mountain 20.30 2115 Algiers ExclusiveS 21.30 Hommes Tomber performing Ascension P ExclusiveS Caterpillars Briqueville 23.30 Exclusive Light 00.20 Maggot Live 00.45 Inter Coveredin Exclusve'
Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.
Kan een afbeelding zijn van de tekst 'April16-18 The Netherlands ROADBURN REDUX Sunday- April Premiere CEST 12.40 Content Talea meets Electric Moon 14.20 Category Roadburn 2016 14.30 Blodet 14.40 Might LLNN Premieres 15.20 Sets 15.30 performing Epitaph Documentaries Midwife Vinyl Veda Vault Audio&VideoPremieres Psychonaut 16.20 The Music 16.30 ownes Exclusive premiere #3 ExclusiveS Crown The Music 17.15 Exclusive 17.30 Zandt Q&A Hand Model Death Bells 18.00 Premre Lustmord& Karin Park 18.10 Exclusive Lingua Ignota Territoire presents Étude 18.40 Obsidian Kingdom 18.50 Exclusive BlooA Mercury Death 19.00 Amulets 19.30 Le Iterum Q&A: Aaron Turner Exclusive 22.00 Dawnbearer 23.00 performing Temple Aaron Turner DeWolff S Exclusive'Emma


Apr 15 2021 - Apr 18 2021



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