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WITCH RIPPER reveals new single 'Icarus Equation'

[photo: Jake Chaplin]


WITCH RIPPER have released their next single, ‘Icarus Equation’, which is taken from the forthcoming album “The Flight after the Fall”. The second full-length of the American melodic sludge metal outfit is scheduled for release on March 3, 2022. via Magnetic Eye Records.

Watch ‘Icarus Equation’ below.

The title of the track ‘Icarus Equation’ hints at the ancient Greek mythological character Ikaros, who flew too close to the sun on wings held together by wax during a daring attempted escape. The wings melted and Ikaros fell to his death, and the story is generally used as a metaphorical warning against having unrealistically high ambitions. 

WITCH RIPPER comment: “The new single, ‘Icarus Equation’ was the first song written for the new album”, guitarist and vocalist Curtis Parker writes on behalf off the band. “I think that we rewrote the final part six times before we landed on what’s on the record. We’re incredibly happy with how that ending turned out. ‘Icarus Equation’ represents perfectly how our two vocalists can not only juxtapose against each other but come together in unison – like we do on the bridge.  In the story of the album, this song represents loss. A loss of life and a loss of wanting to carry on. Our protagonist is at his lowest during this song. That being said, we wanted to show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel by ending on a giant major key ballad-style moment.”

“The Flight after the Fall” is available to pre-order at THIS LOCATION.

1. Enter the Loop
2. Madness and Ritual Solitude
3. The Obsidian Forge
4. Icarus Equation
5 .Everlasting in Retrograde Pt. I & II

Chad Fox – guitar, vocals
Brian Kim – bass, vocals
Curtis Parker – guitar, vocals
Joe Eck – drums

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