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IRON MAIDEN's STEVE HARRIS to play football for charity in Portugal this weekend


IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris will play in a charity football match this Saturday, June 15 at 8 p.m. at the Estadio Algarve in Portugal.

MAIDEN said in a social media post: “It’s only €2,50 to get in and by participating you will help the most disadvantaged children in the Algarve, so round up your mates and hopefully see you there…”

In a video message announcing his participation in the event, Harris said: “So here I am in the beautiful Algarve, Portugal. Over my shoulder here is the Estadio Algarve or Stadium Algarve or Algarve Stadium, whichever way you wanna put it, and that’s where I’m playing for charity on Saturday, 8 p.m. kickoff. And it’s for underprivileged children in Portugal. So it’s a really good cause. So if you can get there, make it down there. I think it’s only like two or three euros to get in, or something like that, but try and round up a few people and get down there and support it. And, yeah, be there or be square.”

Five years ago, Harris, an avid football fan, told WISH TV that he and some of his bandmates and crew members “try and play a game every six to seven days” while on tour.

“We’ve lost a few,” he said. “We won last week, but we’ve lost a few so far. We’ve been playing some really good sides.” 

According to Harris, he doesn’t “really train” for the football matches. “I’ve got a bit of an injury at the moment, so I don’t want to train too much before,” he said.

Harris said in a 2012 interview that he had given up playing football — for the most part. He explained at the time: “I’ve had so many problems with my back that I can only play the odd match here or there. Unfortunately, it’s five years since I’ve played a full season of football and that’s something that I miss a lot. But I had to make a decision. I play a lot of tennis.”

IRON MAIDEN‘s 2023 “The Future Past Tour” featured previously unperformed songs from the band’s most recent studio album, “Senjutsu”, along with a focus on 1986’s “Somewhere In Time” LP, plus other classic cuts.

“Senjutsu” came out in September 2021 on Warner records. It marked MAIDEN‘s second consecutive double album behind 2015’s “The Book Of Souls” which is the longest MAIDEN album, with a running time of 92 minutes.

The full track listing is:

01. Senjutsu (8:20) (Smith/Harris)
02. Stratego (4:59) (Gers/Harris)
03. The Writing On The Wall (6:13) (Smith/Dickinson)
04. Lost In A Lost World (9:31) (Harris)
05. Days Of Future Past (4:03) (Smith/Dickinson)
06. The Time Machine (7:09) (Gers/Harris)
07. Darkest Hour (7:20) (Smith/Dickinson)
08. Death Of The Celts (10:20) (Harris)
09. The Parchment (12:39) (Harris)
10. Hell On Earth (11:19) (Harris)

“Senjutsu” was released on the following formats and available to order/save at www.ironmaiden.com:

* Standard 2CD Digipak
* Deluxe 2CD Book Format
* Deluxe heavyweight 180G Triple Black Vinyl
* Special Edition Triple Silver And Black Marble Vinyl (Details to follow)
* Special Edition Triple Red and Black Marble Vinyl (Details to follow)
* Super Deluxe Boxset featuring CD, Blu Ray and Exclusive Memorabilia
* Digital album [streaming and download]

IRON MAIDEN hadn’t released any fresh music since 2015’s “The Book Of Souls” LP, which was recorded in late 2014 in Paris, France with Shirley.

“The Book Of Souls” was the longest MAIDEN album, clocking in at 92 minutes, with lyrics heavily based in the themes of death, reincarnation, the soul and mortality.

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