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NO RAZA release new music video 'Ancient Wars', album out now


NO RAZA release new music video ‘Ancient Wars’, album out now

NO RAZA release their new album “Transcending Material Sins” on Noble Demon Records. Formed in 1997 in Colombia, South America, the band s now based in Florida, US. “Transcending Material Sins”. To celebrate its release, the band now shared a new music video for the track ‘Ancient Wars’, streaming now at THIS LOCATION:

Juan Guillermo Cano comments:
“‘Ancient Wars’ is a song that tells the story of an indigenous tribe that made resistance to foreign invaders who came to South America to impose their religions, beliefs and cultures, managing to contaminate their roots and dirtying an ancient legacy that the ancestral natives protected and defended to their death.”

Furthermore he explains:
“The video Ancient Wars was recorded in the abandoned ruins of Pilgrim Psychiatric Center located in Long Island, NY; or as is well known, the largest psychiatric hospital in the world and, one of the most haunted places in the state. Opened in 1941 and at its peak, held 16.000 patients. A small part of this massive mental institution remains operational. Electroshock therapy and frontal lobotomies were the main treatment, as all that science could offer at the time; reminding us of the dark days of mental health care. NO RAZA’S team experienced metaphysical encounters while filming; like being touched, followed by a mysterious lady’s scent and paranormal energy. The place is condemned due to decay and asbestos; this could be the reason why the entire team got sick after it. Also, the short time of daylight played a big role in rushing and getting it done along with other technical inconveniences; but, we did it and the results are killer! We hope you guys like it.”

Juan Guillermo Cano (Vocals – Guitar)
Jairo Hernán Gómez (Drums)
Mike Spillane (Bass)
Camilo Sanchez (Guitar)

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