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Dutch amplifier builder Koch Amps have announced to host THE QUARANTINE SESSION. The target is to upload fresh new content everyday, in which fans can diplay their own Koch based videos. Anyting goes, from covers, to improvisation, or your self-written material. We of Arrow Lords of Metal of course encourage all Koch players to upload new content, based upon the current situation we are in, which is why Koch started this in the first place.

Koch Amps state on their website:
Hey Koch users! It’s Chris from the world headquarters of Koch Amplifiers here in the Netherlands. Our world seems to be a bit of a mess right now with the Corona Virus, so we would like to do something that will bring some joy and hopefully a positive memory from these difficult times.

Starting Monday, we would love to open our Koch social media to something we are calling “The Koch Quarantine Sessions”! With your help, and the help of your Koch Amplifiers, we would like to upload a Koch user video everyday, with you playing your Koch Amplifier! What kind of videos could you make? Good question, we would like to suggest the following ideas….
-Improvisation on your guitar
-Play along with a backing track
-Accompany yourself on guitar while you sing
-Give an online lesson

It doesn’t have to be fancy, you can record the video on your cell phone. The video just has to follow a few simple rules….and include you playing your Koch Amplifier….
-The video cannot be longer than 3 minutes
-You cannot use original recordings due to copyright laws
-And like we said, we must see you and your Koch Amp in the video

We would also like to upload these videos to a special playlist we are creating on the official Koch Youtube Channel, so we can always go back and enjoy them.

If you would like to join “The Koch Quarantine Sessions”, just send us a pm on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube….you can also join using the link here on the left.

Let’s all do something cool and beautiful and show how resilient we are by making music during these trying times. Everyone at Koch hopes you are safe and healthy and if you are in isolation, that you have loved ones close by!”

Check de onderstaande socials voor meer informatie over dit bedrijf.