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BLISS OF FLESH announce new album 'TYRANT'


BLISS OF FLESH announce new album ‘TYRANT’

French blackened death metal band BLISS OF FLESH announce their new album will be titled ‘TYRANT’. ‘TYRANT’ is slated for a release on Listenable Records next fall.

Check BLISS OF FLESH live appearance at Hellfest in 2019.

2020 sees the release of their brand new album ‘Tyrant’ and is this time based on the concept of  ‘Le Discours de la Servitude Volontaire ‘ ( Voluntary Servitude Thesis) written by French philosopher Etienne de la Boétie.  Published fully in 1576, it deals with the idea that although servitude may appear to be forced, and that obedience is imposed to the people, appearances are misleading and such servitude is in fact entirely voluntary.

BLISS OF FLESH ’s new album ‘Tyrant’ album has been mixed and mastered at Vamacara studio in France by HK. (vamacarastudio.com) and is scheduled for an October 2, 2020 release date.

‘TYRANT’ tracklisting  :
I Serve
II Genesis 
III Vanitas 
IV Krieg 
V Hexis
VI Panem 
VII Tyrant 
VIII Mors 
IX Naturae

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