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OBITUARY shares video for 'Dying Of Everything' title track

Photo credit: Tim Hubbard


Florida death metal veterans OBITUARY have shared the official music video for the title track of their latest studio album, “Dying Of Everything”. The clip was filmed by Natalie Wood, with additional filming by OBITUARY drummer Donald Tardy and Josh “BooBoo” Richardson and editing by Frank Huang (Max Volume Silence).

Watch “Dying Of Everything” below.

OBITUARY comments: “As we are working on the setlist, rehearsing the songs and gearing up for the U.S. tour, the band is proud to unveil the new music video for the title track. Filmed during the European tour, we love the fact that it is footage shot night after night in multiple cities and countries. This ‘Dying Of Everything’ music video is just the way we like it…live, raw and real.”

Watch  the previously released videos for “My Will To Live” (lyric video), “The Wrong Time” and the audio visualiser for “Dying Of Everything” below.

Dying Of Everything” came out on January 13 via Relapse Records.

Donald recently told Metal Wani about “Dying Of Everything”: “Somehow magically all the stars lined up for us. We took a long time writing this record. We don’t ever force ourselves into songs; we let the songs find us. But once we really got down to it and started writing and putting the songs together, we were excited right from the beginning. We were, like, ‘Holy shit, man. We’ve got something going on here.’ And then, of course, when we were done with the recording, the actual tracking of the songs, we sent it to our boy Joe Cincotta, and he’s been our live engineer for 15 years, but he’s also done the last three albums with OBITUARY at his studio up there in New York City, Full Force Studios. So, just perfect chemistry we’ve got going on right now. The band’s on fire. I think we played our instruments well. We played clean on this record, which makes engineers’ lives very easy. It was very easy, from what Joe said, to produce this album ’cause we handed him product that was heavy but clean and well performed. So (I’m) super, super stoked on this album.”

Regarding OBITUARY’s long-running working relationship with Cincotta, Donald told Invisible Oranges: “This is our fifth album that we’ve recorded at our studio, so we’ve learned a lot over the years. With this one, we knew that we had great songs. We had plenty of time to hone our skills on them and to make sure they were exactly what we want before I even hit record. Drum-wise, I knew everything I wanted. I knew every accent, cymbal punch, fills, small fills, little stops, endings of songs. I knew everything that I wanted. I just wanted to go in there and play it clean.

“When we handed the files over to Joe, we hired him because we trust him because he’s a master at what he does,” he explained. “All I asked him to do was… I’m proud of my snare drum sound. I love the sound of my drum kit. Just keep it as real as you possibly can and do your magic. I didn’t want everything sound replaced. There’s no reason to do that with OBITUARY. We play our instruments well, we play them clean, especially the drums. And I tried to keep it as real sounding as a drum kit can sound.”

Last year, Decibel Books released “Turned Inside Out: The Official Story Of Obituary”, the fully authorized biography of OBITUARY. The book was written by David E. Gehlke, author of “Damn The Machine: The Story Of Noise Records” and “No Celebration: The Official Story Of Paradise Lost”.

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