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40 jaar MANOWAR! In 1980 verrees een nieuwe band in de metal scene, eentje die later muziekgeschiedenis schreef. Een ongekend geluid met passie en vastberadenheid. MANOWAR! De ontdekkers van metal komen naar Rotterdam Ahoy met hun  “40th Anniversary Tour” om alle loyale fans te bedanken. Nederland heeft namelijk een speciale plek in het hart van Manowar. Het wordt legendarisch!

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of MANOWAR, the tour will be bigger than ever, featuring orchestra and choir, Viking reenactors, stunning visuals and a powerful set list full of immortal classics!

“All of us, everywhere in the world, are living in a very challenging time right now” said Joey DeMaio. “But we will get through this, standing together, stronger than ever! Music is a universal power! It guides us through tough times and unites us! And when it is time to celebrate again, we will raise our hands in victory, with the greatest fans in the world!”

The “40th Anniversary Tour 2021” will be a celebration of everything metal fans love about MANOWAR: Songs that unite and inspire, epic imagery, outstanding sound and a gathering of like-minded friends under the Sign Of The Hammer.


Apr 08 2021



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