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Into The Shadow: Gigatron 2000 – Ggu:ll – Hedonist

Ramon presents Into The Shadow

Een tweedaags festival om zijn 50 ste verjaardag te vieren. Hoe en waar anders dan met een
mooie selectie uit zijn favoriete bands in de Little Devil. Vrijdag 6 maart 2020 een Pre-party
met 3 bands en zaterdag 7 maart 2020 een programma met 5 bands.


Three brave crewmembers have boarded the mighty spaceship Gigatron2000, to set out on a journey through instrumental hard rockin`stoner grooves. Join them on their Cosmic desert cruise as the ancient hyperdrive is engaded and ioncannons are fired! Are you ready for First Contact?


There’s something brooding in the depths. Stirring in itself, primal, overwhelming. It drags you down, wears you out and spits you back to the surface.
Join us in our pursuit to sing, dance and praise the abyss.


Hedonist, a hard rockin’, hard groovin’ power trio from Genk, formed in the summer of 2010 when Roel Paulussen (Sardonis, Solenoid, Barabbas) and Frederik “Cozy” Cosemans (Serpentcult, Hemelbestormer, Death Penalty) decided to have a few jams together. Riffs and songs kept pouring out and soon a third party jumped on the train to wreak havoc upon the land. The thunderous bass and roaring vocals of Frank “Frenz” Homolka (Solenoid, The Killbots) were the perfect fit for Cozy’s maniacal beats and Roel’s neckbreaking axework and so the “power of three” was complete.

On their first release, a split with stoner/sludge giants Your Highness, Hedonist delivered an exciting, energetic and compelling mix of Motörhead, High On Fire, Karma To Burn and Monster Magnet that suckerpunched audiences straight in the face. No nonsense, no bullshit, no fancy gimmicks, just pure, honest, kick-ass rock-n’-roll.

Now, in the year 2016, the time has come to release the equally staggering full length “The Collapse”. Once again recorded at Studio Jonathas under the watchful eye of Xavier Carion (ex-Channel Zero, Sons Of Jonathas, …) “The Collapse” is nothing more than the equivalent of a battering ram. From the pounding opener “The Urge”, to the monstrous sludge assault of “Black Lungs” (featuring Ben from Your Highness on vocals) and the swampy, bluesy heaviness of “Beecher”, Hedonist simply goes all the way on this one. Thirty-seven minutes of sheer rockin’ mayhem coming your way. All killer, absolutely no filler! So brace yourself, open up a cold one and join the fun ’till you… collapse!


Mar 06 2020



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