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AUÐN release "Eldborg" from 'Vökudraumsins fangi'


AUÐN release “Eldborg” from ‘Vökudraumsins fangi’

Icelandic black metal formation AUÐN are now premiering the first track of their upcoming record ‘Vökudraumsins fangi’. The track “Eldborg” is streaming via the official Season of Mist Youtube Channel AT THIS LOCATION. The video was created by AUÐN’s own Andri Björn Birgisson.

Watch “Eldborg” below.

The band’s third full length will be released on October 30th. Pre-orders are now live in the Season of Mist shop AT THIS LOCATION.

AUÐN comment:
It is with great pleasure that we unveil the first track from ‘Vökudraumsins fangi’. A track that embodies Iceland’s furious awe and fear inducing pits of fire. These ever looming harbingers of destruction have countless faces, this is ‘Eldborg’.

'Vökudraumsins fangi' album cover

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