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TROLLFEST release video 'Flamingo Overlord'

'Flamingo Overlord' out May 27, 2022 via Napalm Records


TROLLFEST have announced the upcoming release of their ninth full-length studio album, entitled Flamingo Overlord, to be released via Napalm Records on May 27, 2022. In celebration of today’s announcement, TROLLFEST have dropped an outrageous second single,  entitled “Twenty Miles an Hour”, created by Mr. Seidel.

Watch “Dance Like a Pink Flamingo” below.

TROLLFEST on Twenty Miles an Hour”:

“Our second single from ‘Flamingo Overlord’ is a song about how a young Overlord first started out. Fetch your prescriptions and fasten your seat belts folks, this is going to be one hell of a ride.”

Watch the previously released “Dance Like a Pink Flamingo” below.

Pre-Order Flamingo Overlord AT THIS LOCATION.

Trollfest previously announced they strive to compete at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 

Vocalist Jostein Austvik says:
“Our song is a fine piece of music and we just had to share it with as many people as possible! Pretty please with three cherries on top, help us spread our tiny tune to infinity and beyond this upcoming Saturday by voting in the last semi-finals!!!”

TROLLFEST have plans for a new album in 2022 via Napalm Records. Stay tuned for more news coming very soon!

John Espen Sagstad (Mr.Seidel) – guitar
Fabian Jiru (Grimdrap Glutenfri Fleskeng) – guitar
Jostein Austvik (Trollmannen) – vocals
Eirik Renton (TrollBANK) – vocals & bouzouki
Kai Renton (Fjernkontrollet) – synth, accordion
Dag Stiberg (DrekkaDag) – saxophone
Øyvind Erik Strønen Johannesen (Lodd Bolt) – bass, vocals
Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow (Kjellkje) – drums, vocals

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