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TESTAMENT's ALEX SKOLNICK Says USA Has 'Weakest Gun Laws In The Developed World'


TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick says that no American citizen is safe as long as the USA has “the weakest gun laws in the developed world.” Skolnick made his comments in response to a tweet from a fan who was concerned about the musician’s well-being following news reports that three people were killed and at least 11 others were injured Sunday (July 28) in a shooting at an annual food festival in Northern California.
I’m thousands of miles away, thanks,” Skolnick tweeted. “But as more mass shootings happen at schools, malls, movie theaters, concerts, nightclubs & elsewhere (we can add food festivals, sadly) here in the country with the weakest gun laws in the developed world & the most guns, none of us are safe.
Skolnick has made no secret of his political views, ocassionally tweeting against Donald Trump’s policies, including imporing the U.S. president to “get the HELL out of OUR country” in August 2017 after Trump tweeted about his proposed border wall while Tropical Storm Harvey made landfall in Texas. Back in 2012, Skolnick tweeted that Ted Nugent, Donald Trump and Dave Mustaine didn’t “seem that reasonable” to him because of their “militant” support of then-Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

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