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SLAYER launches official Jeff Hanneman Instagram account

Photo: Andrew Stuart Photography


SLAYER launches official Jeff Hanneman Instagram account

SLAYER have launched an official fan account for their late guitarist Jeff Hanneman. The Instagram page is “Tribute to The Heavy Metal Titan Admin by the Estate of Jeff Hanneman / Kathryn Hanneman. Still Reigning 1964-2013”, as the announcement said.

Hanneman was considered as the main composer and was a big contributor to the lyrics of Slayer, until his death due to liver failure at age 49 in 2013.

Slayer has recorded one more album without Hanneman, ‘Repentless’ in 2015, until their final break-up in 2019. fellow guitarist Kerry King is said to be working on a new band fronted by Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo, alongside drummer Paul Bostaph and guitarist Gary Holt, who filled in for Hanneman in the years surrounding his death.

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