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Mike Gaspar: “This is like my 14th album I think, but at the same time it is like my first. It is a new life. I am fortunate

We kenden Mike Gaspar al jaren als de goedgeluimde en altijd behulpzame en praatgrage drummer van Moonspell, dus was het best even schrikken toen hij in 2021 aankondigde om het Portugese instituut te verlaten. Het goede nieuws is echter dat hij ons, een jaar na deze onthutsende boodschap, verrast met een nieuwe band Seventh Storm. Hun debuutalbum ‘Maledictus’ is een pareltje voor elke fan van metal uit de jaren negentig. Dan hebben we het zowel over bekende terreinen als gothic metal, maar ook classic rock, symfonische metal en progressieve metal. Onze sympathieke drummer heeft uitstekende muzikanten en een imposante zanger weten te strikken! Zoals altijd is het fantastisch om met hem een gesprek te hebben waarbij hij zijn hart opent en al zijn gedachten met ons deelt over deze nieuwe start. Hij kan immers niet weerstaan aan de lokroep van muziek en zo gaat dat ook bij ons.
Vera Matthijssens Ι 9 september 2022

I have to say I was listening in awe, because it is so amazing. It is a mix of things I recognize from my whole life!
Yeah! That’s how I felt myself, at this age, 46, All the experience I have with my ex-band and all the bands I toured with and played with, all these inspirations since I was a kid. Like there’s a lot of hardrock stuff I loved when I was a kid and I was missing a lot of that kind of feeling from the eighties and the nineties. It is so rich, for our generation especially and I think it is a loss if you cannot deliver that to the future generations and try to keep that spirit alive. I am from Portugal, not the biggest metal capital in the world, unfortunately, and if I can continue making people aware that there is still a metal scene coming from my country. I think international. When making the music I am thinking of other cultures and other experiences, even from the perspective of being one of them. I had sometimes experiences in countries that felt like I had family there. In some I actually do (laughs). I was brought up in America and I have a lot of family there. When I was touring in the US, all these feelings of immigrants I understand perfectly, because my parents were also immigrants and had a hard time adapting to the American culture, but there is so much richness. Just think of Holland. All the great shows and experiences and people, how much they admire you, the infrastructure, the spirit for metal, the Dynamo Festival whom I played there the first time in 1997, before Wacken and HellFest. Not many people know these days that Dynamo was the biggest festival at that time, which probably served as a model for the future. I was part of that generation and I experienced that on stage and the festival; because I stayed there for several days and I ended up in some tents (laughs). I always enjoyed that. Even though I played at those festivals, I wanted to see it from the side of the public as well. That’s how you really see how everybody spent the night. You learn a lot. That’s when you really get to know people that love your music, not by just seeing them and yell at them or do horns. You never spend time with them or talk to them or get to know them. Everybody also has family and problems. It is interesting to be able to be part of that. Each time more. Now I have a whole band to dedicate and be part of again (chuckles). I think it is the fuel for all musicians, maybe some don’t care so much as we do. That is disappointing when we meet somebody that we really love, the music, and they are not the nicest persons in the world. We have a long career. You can be in a bad mood some day, you can be in a good mood, but at least, for me, I try to keep as positive as possible.

How did you feel when you left a successful band like Moonspell? That must have been a big step I think?
Yeah, that’s what I put inspiration from for ‘The Haunted Sea’ and ‘Saudade’. It is a lot of the feeling of what I lost and how I would get to the next step. There’s a moment when I really felt I was drowning and I had nowhere to go. I had no possibilities, I was just looking at what I had lost exactly. It took time to build something that would give me focus and something to work hard for and to fight for and this band is what made that happen. So it is kind of like me leaving that part of my career behind – NOT forgotten! – and it felt like starting from zero for me, not wanting to give up. I thought about giving up on music at first, because it is very hard in Portugal if you come from a band like I did and you have to start from zero. If I’d lived in Finland or Sweden or Germany, there are so many musicians, professionals who are used to touring, or I could look for another band which has already a following, but to stay in Portugal… My daughter is almost six years old, I have lived here for thirty years, I don’t see myself going anywhere else, so I thought: maybe things have changed and I can actually make an amazing band. No luxury of course where I was used to, no logistics or budget. I did this with almost nothing, and it was with the help of so many friends. People who really wanted us to succeed. Even when we went to the studio, they helped with our equipment and preproduction. Really old school; like teenagers, just a drum kit and cabinets, just rehearsing in the tiny space that we could afford. We really went back to those classic rock stories in the beginning. For me it is like I am doing it a second time (laughs). But fortunately everything went a lot smoother than I anticipated. I had not record drums in Portugal since 1994, so all my albums I did in Denmark or in England, Germany, Sweden and I was scared too. Technically, but fortunately the studio that I went to was amazing. Also the technician from Dynamics Studios was great. He said he was a fan of my style of playing and my band and he was really enthusiastic about meeting the other members. The studio is only half an hour from my home. It was amazing for me, for the first time over 25 years, to get in my car and after half an hour I was behind my drum kit, testing it and ready to record. Otherwise I always had to catch a plane, travelling, not the whole drum kit, etc… This experience brought me through the months of recording, which I think was meaningful and it made me a lot richer in my perspective, because I had a lot more time to think about things, to feel things, to think about every day life. Putting that into the music is so much more emotional, because for years I was always gone from one tour to the studio, from the studio to another tour and it was always so quick. There was no time to let things set in. I had that experience since the early days when we were younger and lived with our parents. We were all accessible to the band and rehearsed only in the weekend. And those first albums benefit a lot from that I think. The way I did this album, was one part on one weekend, then a little part on another night, because all the members have normal jobs. That is another interesting thing on this project: how is this all going to happen now? For them, to leave their jobs, there’s got to be a certain structure of shows, but the dream is there and I am reliving that dream with them, even though I have gone through it all (laughs). When I start thinking about my career, it sounds like a joke. It sounds as if it is not true and it is so distant now, especially now when I haven’t played live for over more two years. But that part for me is secondary, because what I really wanted was making the best album possible.

And you have written all the songs, a huge mission…
I wrote them with the band. By myself I would never be able to do something like this. I have a kind of direction and experience. When you have a professional career, you have to be dedicated for 100%. I have the experience to work with the producers and I did it for so many years, with so many bands, other musicians, to bring all this to this band is what made me the focal point. It was always surrounding. I had the responsibility and also the drive and the confidence I didn’t have, but the band gave me confidence. The way that I started to do a song, to explain how we usually do the preparation for recording, what is most important in the song. For me the way you play it from an emotional standpoint and how to get that best performance in the studio. I was on top of every little detail, but that is constructing the band. I always did that with my other band and I just brought it to this band and of course, being the oldest and the most experienced, in terms of production I had to take decisions, in working on keyboards, I had to describe all the ideas I wanted for each song, so it could be prepared for when we go to the studio. We played it all in real time, which is amazing. Nothing is programmed on this album. Getting the recording done, today it is a big fight, because everything is digital. It was a huge fight to get it as authentic as possible. And that’s what I miss compared to the old days. Of course, you have to compromise on certain points, but overall, the way that I had envisioned, it was a bit of a crazy time, it felt as if I was possessed. I just had to do this, no matter what and it was a constant day to day work. Making the demos and talking to the band, thinking of new ideas, rehearsing throughout the pandemic, sometimes we had to be home at ten. So we had to rehearse earlier. All that is on the album now, overcoming all these obstacles. It has a lot to do with our culture. It is in our genes, I think we are professional mourners. We take it to another level, talking about death. Everybody tells you their problems, even if you don’t know them, we start to spit it out immediately, but in a way, when you are used to that, it is nice to be able to talk to people. I think as medicine I think it is better to have someone who listens, at least acknowledge that they exist. Of course sometimes it is too much and I think ‘that’s not of your business’, but here it is like it is everybody’s business. We definitely need a balance; I think each time we need each other more.

I think it is precious if you can talk about your problems. In the north they go to the psychiatric doctor and they have to pay to get better… if you out yourself to people, it is part of solving the problem sometimes…
Yes, it is like therapy, without psychologists. Most of the part you just talk and tell them whatever you want, whatever troubles you have and even though there is a lot behind that, profession and help, but I think the major part of it is just having tht experience of just letting everything out. I did that a lot, with everything happening to me and levels in my life and I had a lot of things to get out.

A nice example of the Portuguese nature is ‘Saudade’, because that stands for the melancholic side of you…
Definitely. That song stands a little separate from the rest of the album. It was the last song we wrote and it was only in two weeks. We just got the information that we were signed by Atomic Fire, we were super excited and we were brainstorming with the label during first meetings. I was thinking about something that would be extra special for the Portuguese and I had this like idea when the band started. When I saw that enthusiasm behind the label, it was like a bolt of lightning gone through my head, full of ideas. That day I turned to the band and I said: ‘We are going to do a song specifically like this’. We had only one riff and that riff made it all happen. It was one of these magical moments that we always talk about. I remember that from the past with my other band with the song ‘Opium’, I remember the base only took five minutes, it just happened. As much as you try as a professional, you cannot force these things and sometimes they never come back, years go by. This just spontaneously happened and then we were super excited. At some certain point I said that we had to have something extra special for the Portuguese, with the fado influences. I was afraid, because it was rock and metal, that it would come out a little bit cheesy, but it was perfect. There has to be a good balance between both worlds and that is why I asked the vocalist if he could do something like that, because he hadn’t done something close to that in the other songs. At that time I only knew him for a year from rehearsing, we never had a drink or dinner together, due to the restrictions, so we were working on this project together, but somehow I didn’t know him that well yet and what he could do and also his background. At that precise moment at the rehearsals, he did this fado-like part and everybody was so impressed that they started clapping, which is our tradition when you go to a fado house. Of course people go to a fado club for a drink or a dinner while listening to fado and everything is about loss as reference. That moment was so special that we had the necessity to clap. I also have a lot of memories of my grandmother and I think of all the people in this life that today aren’t with us. Some kind of memory, some kind of memorial. Even in the music world we have lost a lot of people. So I asked the people to dedicate this song to someone special in their lives. You can read that in the credits, just specifically for that song. So I think it represents the best that I could, what comes from Portugal, embedded in our culture, our ‘saudade’ which is so hard to describe. It is so nice to see how fans and friends finally understanding the true meaning of saudade. It is so hard to translate. I got this idea because it was always so hard to describe that feeling we always had to other foreigners. I think every culture has something similar, but when you translate it, it says ‘missing’. And missing is not what we are thinking of with saudade. It comes from our family, our background, our land, our wine, our beaches, the smell of everything that brings back childhood memories, and for many people who are far from their home it is so much harder, so I give them that special gift of having a song that is their own. I am doing this for all of us. A very special moment. There are also tears in the process. Not so much now, I am more stable, but there are a lot of tears involved in everything I can remember from my past and everything you can imagine, I did to have a career for so many years. Then I thought about making a Portuguese version and we did. That is perfect. You can see it as a special token of my appreciation for all the support during all these years. So it is a very intense song. The rest of it is a little different. People are experiencing this song like our process backwards. The first song they got to hear was something super recent, and this song is actually one of the first songs we wrote. About a year and a half ago, with Rez on vocals. We had only one song and then we did not have a vocalist for a couple of months. When Rez came into the picture, that’s when we felt like: ‘okay, now we are a real band’. All the members have different projects, but with this it is a true opportunity to release their talent and I am so glad to be able to help with that. Rez heard his voice for the first time on the album after the few mixes that we did, he told me: ‘Mike, I never heard my voice so good in my life.’ (laughs). That reminded me of the beginning. When you work in an institute for so long, you know what to do from the beginning. It is so essential when the time comes to mix. I always have that philosophy for some reason why, I always fought against it, it is like everything is always so complicated, so demanding, everything took hours and hours and hours for one little thing, and I always thought: ‘why can’t things be simple? Why can’t we be more precise and more emotional in what we are doing?’ At least some kind of enjoyment and happiness and with this project I got to do that, because everything works in that manner. Things do not take forever, like the vocals: Rez recorded four songs in one day. I recorded most of the album in one day also. Everything was super quick. We also had to be quick. When we started we did not have a label yet, we had the pandemic, I don’t have a band, we don’t have shows. After a few days we were over the budget that we could afford at that time. We did the best that we could and I think that helps a lot. Usually we work a lot longer at preproduction before going into the studio and I was like: ‘come on, let’s go’, it felt like going to a show. I didn’t care, I wanted to record this and I wanted to get this album done. But afterwards there was of course a process of weeks, analyzing everything, all the little treasures that the album needs, but it started from that group and that group was just rehearsing. Whenever we were together, an hour or two, we were always playing. I think we got to know each other as friends later on. During that whole process, there was not much time. Our bond was the music and that is so special about this. Like Ben, our guitar player, when he sent us a riff, each time I was listening to his riff, he makes my day. And that’s how I felt throughout the whole process. He is amazing and he has so much talent. He is always ready to write music and work on songs. That is, for a drummer like me, so important. Nowadays you use the computer and you spend hours looking at the computer, and here in the beginning, the computer was me (laughs). I had to play the drums, because there was no technology like there is today. A lot of bands work at home and send files, but I really need to have that atmosphere and chemistry from all of us.

You hear that on the album, there is soul in it…
Yeah that’s what I was aiming for, I had a vision of all of this, but of course you never know if it is going to happen. It was just a will of mine, seeing things in a way I always thought they should be. I think music has to have life, it doesn’t matter what genre it is. I also try to figure out what’s missing. Everybody compete with other bands, I think that is ridiculous. I think the world is full of people and competing who’s better, that makes no sense to me. I think our music lacks influences. On social media people talk about so much stuff, except the music these days. I was really frustrated with that and that is why I am always so obsessed about making something genuine, something that I thought there is not out there. I really want the people to listen to this album and say: ‘wait a minute, this reminds me of this and that, but is there anything like this?’ and if I can accomplish that, that was my goal and I feel very humbled and proud at the same time.

Are you going to play live? Are there shows booked?
Obviously people ask me for shows, but the feeling I had with this is… it is our first album and I really want people to absorb the album and have attentive listens to it. If I booked a show in August, the record comes out in August and how many people have been listening to the whole album? They did not have the time to know it. And that is also how I came: I started from zero, taking step by step, because I have to deal with it mostly on my own. I am fortunate to have other people who helped me: the people from the video team, my wife Sarah helped me from the beginning, making the logo, helped me with the first merchandising I did, the whole design, texts I had to write, then the people from Atomic Fire came into the picture… So I have various teams helping me out. In the end I am always the centrepoint. I never had so much responsibility in my life with a band, like every single thing, also financial, legal, everything goes through me.

And do you like that?
In a way. It is not a question of liking or disliking it. It is a situation I am in and I am the only person who can do that, because of all these years of experience. And I am doing this, I am thinking of everybody. I really want to make this thing happening for those guys, so they can live from music. That they can leave their jobs, that they can have the life I had all these years. Not that it was a glamourous life like football players with Ferrari’s and Porsches, it doesn’t matter. What I had, was paid from music and it is hard for people to understand that. I was in the spotlight my whole life, but I always understood that I was lucky. It is hard. Of course it is hard. You go through a lot of hard moments and you pay the price for all these hard moments. Your mind pays the price, your body, your family, I was never there for birthday parties or weddings, funerals. There were so many people that I loved, but they just ceased when I was always on tour. There was a moment, when I came back from tour, there was always somebody dying, in the family or a friend I just felt that loss and that was really heavy. On the other hand, being in a situation in your life when you are not happy, that also happens to everyone. Life is like that. What makes the difference how we deal with it and that has always been something important for me. That is why I am dedicated to Teakwondo, whenever I can teach and help my masters academy, being connected with people, even if I am in the gym, I help people working out physiotherapy sometimes, when they had an accident or something. I work with children, this human factor is always been something ongoing for many years now. That connection is so true and so powerful, just help people and I always try to transmit that to everyone. Now I have a better way and try to put that positive energy into the music. With this band we also connect so much in terms of personality. They are all younger than me and there is a huge gap, the youngest is ten years younger than me (laughs). But I think it makes the album interesting, because we wanted old school influences coming from my side and more up-to-date approaches from the younger generation. At the same time they love the bands that I also like. Black Sabbath influenced Metallica, Metallica influenced everybody, Bathory influenced the whole black metal scene mostly, not to mention bands like Carcass, they influenced Arch Enemy and Children Of Bodom. But when you’ve been listening to music as long as we have, I listen sometimes to the chords and the way they play, I always go back to these traditional bands, like Bathory, Celtic Frost and all the good stuff. I try to bring that into this band. Darkthrone, Emperor, Demon, Tiamat, Samael, Paradise Lost… this was my life! So I needed to show all these bands and influences and we try to find a balance with that. We wanted in a way teach them this part of the genre, of  this style of music, because for me, this is like the beginning. This is going to work. If this album works and this music works, then I know what to do for the next albums. That’s why I needed to find that connection in that work process and that is most difficult, but I think it is going to be easier now. Everybody is ready for a second album. It is so excited. I told them I really needed to experience this album, we need to play live. We have to see where this takes us and then we make a second album. Friends were curious what we are going to release, there was already a little buzz around things and I even hadn’t been through it. People are listening to the music only for four weeks now. There was only one song and the second single came out yesterday. In this society everything is so quick. For me, listening to an album took months for people to get into, but I will try to relive that experience, because I would like to… After the album comes out and until the end of the year, and of course 2023, do the best that I can to get this band on stage.

The video for ‘Haunted Sea’ is ace. I like that you have chosen the longest track for a single and the video…
Yes, I also had that in the beginning. I was afraid that the songs were too big and it was such a relief when I talked to Markus (Wosgien – Atomic Fire Records – VM) and he told me: ‘a song has the time that it has to have’. That gave me so much confidence and I thought ‘wow,’ I was so grateful that we didn’t need to cut things. When we were writing the songs, we were so enthusiastic. When we did four or five minutes, they felt small. There were certain songs we tried to make shorter, but then we created a new part (laughs), like a monster the songs just kept on growing. It came to a point where I just gave up. Let us just go for this. It is a bit of everything, what we have to loose at this age in this time in my life. Let us just enjoy music and I know there are so many people out there who agree with that. Especially from my time, we were used to the big songs, we were used to listen to a whole album, I used to listen to that same album, repeatedly, all day if we had to. And that is what we like to bring back and many people agree with this. So many people told me that they listen to the song at least four times a day. They were really excited about that. It is like we are reliving a bit the past, with the vinyl’s now, the digipaks… I wanted to release the vinyl with a poster, because in my time we wanted a poster and put it on the wall. I wanted that for my record as well. I really miss all this stuff. I just want to be able to continue with the music with this and go back and see my friends, see my family, see the fans, see everybody I used to see every year or every two years for the last almost thirty years, like you this evening. You are always at the festivals, we always talk. That is my metal Saudade. That song on this album is exactly about what I am missing.

Sometimes I hear unusual instruments, might be guests?
Yes, there is Portuguese guitar. It is such an iconic instrument from Portuguese culture. You can hear it in the song ‘Gods Of Babylon’, it gives an Arabic approach to the song. There were a lot of parts and I built that whole song around Portuguese guitar. I also invited a good friend Patricia Andrade, she was the previous vocalist of Sinistro. She has been doing that for many years, also very special. I think she somehow blessed this project and gave us a lot of inspiration. Every time I was thinking about those melodies and her vocals, it was kind of like a calling for a new generation, for a new birth, like the pagan fans sing for the crops, for a better future. It is somehow giving back to nature and a lot of hope, even if this was happening in the middle of the covid-19 crisis. I was thinking of the children, everybody at home, like my own child, they could not grow and play, experience life, they really needed some kind of chant to break this horrible spell, this evil that surrounded us. I had that feeling. I was a big fan of medieval fairs and I carried this with me for years and of course, you know, the beginning of my ex-band had a lot of folk elements. I cherish these times, genuine times, innocent times, and I just got creative when I went. That was the mentality. There were so many things to take care of and handle, but I just followed my instincts. Usually I wouldn’t, I am always doubting myself, but in this case I just went with my feelings and my emotions and it became this incredible thing (laughs). I never knew that I would even get a contract with a label. Now we have two videos out and the record is ready to come out. If you would have told me two years ago, I would have said it wasn’t possible, because I would never solve so many problems in so little time. Coming up with the band, with the label, I was afraid how I was going to present myself; that was another question with my background. I worked as hard as I could on something innovative, professional, well-sounding, also the image, aesthetics, the artwork,… well, I had two years of intensity (chuckles), but I did it, and now I am tired, I confess. I felt like I went through a desert and things are a lot better now and I am super happy that the album’s going to be out soon.

I am pretty sure that it is going to make waves…
I hope so.

There is also cello…
Yes, that is Válter Freitas. I have known him for many years. He has this band covering Moonspell with cellos, just like Apocalyptica, but the Portuguese version, so they do our songs. When we met them, they were very young, 20 years old. Valter is also doing an acoustic project, which is called Sombre. He has played live with us. I always stayed in contact with Valter. There are four members and he is the one who continued professionally and he is very successful lately. He has so many different projects, also world music and he is also dancer. The minute I asked him, it took only five minutes to answer and he said ‘of course Mike’. That was another help, when a friend of mine from the past came to support me and he created such great dynamics in the atmosphere in ‘The Haunted Sea’. When you just listen to the music and imagine: To me it is like I am arriving at the port in the middle of the night; coming in a big vessel, coming over the ocean, and I wanted to create this kind of mood. Of darkness, of fear and the music is very bright, but I needed this little entwinement. Overall the fans listen to the same kind of music: My Dying Bride, Anathema at that time, because they have changed a lot, so it is impossible for me to not put these little ingredients in my music; that was part of my life and my influences.

The seventh song is called ‘Seventh’, the band is called Seventh Storm. There is quite a lot symbolism I guess…
7 is a number that some people in some religions, in some beliefs, say it is a number of luck and illumination and also spirituality. It is the idea that if you have reached everything in life materialistically, like a house, a job and you have everything you need, but something is missing and I think that is your soul. Your spirit, connected with something stronger than yourself. And that is why 7 is so powerful in this whole project. Searching for the balance within the storm and trying to get some positive energy, because the storm of course, is our lives and everything that damns us and how we fight and get over those moments. This is a unique time and having a name like Seventh Storm and finally having a song called ‘Seventh’ makes sense. This song particularly – Rez had also that idea and I always thought of it myself – because I was brought up in Salem, Massachusetts, the witch burning and also it shows the incestuous things of women. I try to think of the past, our history, show what we did wrong, but also try to connect with what’s going on today. When you look at the same States and I still see that still today, every day, especially now, what’s going on with America, man, there are things that you would think you’d never see after everything humanity has gone through, with all the stupidity. And I have a daughter… I know that in some aspects her life will probably be harder than for boys and I see it at an early age. I already see boys swarming around her, then I say: hey, take it easy. It is a primitive instinct, but we have education; we have rules, we have love from the person who’s on her side and that is so essential to be reminded and not forget that injustice of that suffering. I think it makes sense, for me and for the band, to have a song which is like that. It represents a lot of being mature and not just talking about dragons (laughs). I love dragons, nothing against dragons, but with fantasy, I always want to see what’s in front of me and have both feet on the ground. I am not going to change the world, of course not, but anything I can do to create awareness, also the preoccupation of nature; so important right now, the world is changing and it doesn’t matter anymore, the cold, the gas. You need to eat, you need to survive, which is understandable of course, but it is not going to be better.

When you follow the news, the governments are more stupid than ever…
I know so much only from travelling to countries. For me the countries are the people. The governments are the same everywhere. I remember playing in Belarus. It is a communist country, close to Russia, but the audience, the people, the promoter, their will to have a metal show and their excitement are so steeple that I still remember it now, in despite of all the shit that surround them. It can even happen here in Portugal. Things seem calm, but the government controls a lot of things. Many people still don’t have the life they deserve. There is a lot of incompetence. There are a lot of questions where the money is going from here. We don’t know where it went. Now my daughter is going to public school and that costs a lot and then you see constructing them those huge hotels and shopping centres and highways, but they don’t have extra space for educations for the children. So where did the money go? Some things don’t make sense and that happens a lot, especially in the South. That’s why I am such a fan of places like Holland, Germany, Scandinavia, when it comes to education, retirement, social things, it is a huge difference. Not that Portugal is the worst place, compared to America. Some places in America you wouldn’t believe how people suffer of no health care or no opportunities, people living on the street, in tents. I have seen so much bad stuff in the world that I had to make a band and talk about it. That is my experience, I can talk about some terrible things that did not happen with me. They are still happening, this is my life and with this new band I need new adventures.

Are there coming some more videos?
Yes, there will be a third and last single, with a video or a lyric video or just a single. I really want to try to give image to everything. I had this idea of having a documentary of how this all began. So our bass player, who is already good in making videos, actually he worked on the second video and now he is working on the third video on his own, it is just a capture of so many images of the last two years and it is part of a documentary that we will release later on, we don’t know how or when. It is kind of an introduction to that documentary and I think it is just perfect to show everyone what happens behind the scenes and how we really are as normal people (laughs). The music is diverse and we’ve got this dark image, mysterious, I have always been a fan of a band that get prepared for the stage, something like a ceremony, but on the other side I also want to show our human side and we don’t bite (laughs). I think that will be the cherry on top and it will be a special song where Patricia participated. That will be the last single and then everybody will have the rest of the album, so let us see the reviews. Everybody wants to know the reviews. This is like my 14th album I think, but at the same time it is like my first. It is a new life. I am fortunate.