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RE-ARMED release official trailer of new album 'IGNIS AETERNUM'


RE-ARMED release official trailer of new album ‘IGNIS AETERNUM’

Finnish melodic death metal band RE-ARMED release the official trailer of new their album ‘IGNIS AETERNUM’. The album will be reelase on Black Lion Records.

Re-Armed comments:
“This is our 4th studio album and it will be the first one that includes lots of melodies, symphonic elements, and way more cleaner vocals than ever before, so writing and producing needed some extra brainstorming. The upcoming album is called ‘Ignis Aeternum’ and it will contain ten songs, that are strong and lifeful. A loose theme for the album is about positivity, a constant change and seeing life as it is in every level. It is a trip, a breathtaking view about life’s diversity. This album is an ode to life.”

Watch the trailer here:

Artwork by Romulo Dias

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