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Premiere: Oddland “Unity” official video


Finnish progressive metal alumni ODDLAND return with a second digital single and video from their upcoming studio album “Vermillion”. Their new single “Unity” stream exclusively at Arrow Lords Of Metal. “Vermillion” will be released in early 2022 via Uprising Records.

Watch “Unity”  below.

“The idea behind “Unity” is best represented in the lyric line “do we own what we are””, the band comments. “What if the individual does not really exist so strongly like it is emphasized in today’s world and our consciousness, thoughts and experiences are actually reflections of a greater unity, space and universe that we are all a part of. The lyrics play with the idea that a shift into this direction might not be such a bad thing for humanity. The song itself has that trademark Oddland feel with an infectious rhythm and layers of vocals creating a beautiful harmonic balance that might make you want leave this one on repeat”.

Sakari Ojanen: vocals, guitars
Joni Palmroth: bass
Ville Viitanen: drums
Jussi Poikonen: guitars

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