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Orphaned Land singer Kobi Farhi endorses Epic Struggle For Survival campaign


Orphaned Land singer Kobi Farhi joins a growing list of artists who endorse the Epic Struggle For Survival campaign. Previously THERION singer Chiaraluna Malvestiti and Venom Inc guitarist Mantas showed support.

All net proceeds will go towards sustaining the workers and preserving the entertainment industry.

The press release reads:
The live music industry are in a very tough possition right now during the corona crisis. The crew members are since march sitting at home without work and income, many of who are forced to find other jobs. This is becoming a serious issue, as eventualy the corona crisis will be gone, and we are able to tour again, However without professional crew, we can do do any shows. We all need eachother!!

THERION singer Chiaraluna Malvestiti
VENOM INC guitarist Mantas

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