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Orange Amplification announce VENOM INC frontman TONY "DEMOLITION MAN" DOLAN as new ambassador


Orange Amplification adds VENOM INC and former ATOMKRAFT frontman TONY “THE DEMOLITION MAN” DOLAN to its artist roster. Dolan, recently announced a new album with VENOM Inc, due in September 2022, under Nuclear Blast Records.

Says Dolan:
I use my Bo-El Big Generator basses which are pure power with the right touch of finesse but as I’m the Demolition Man I need that overwhelming punch that only the combination of Orange and my Bo-El can deliver… To become a proud Orange Artist is beyond my words except to say I’m honoured to represent oldschool & newschool values wrapped in the harmonious and sustainable weight and power torque of Orange!!! The skies are now literally not the limit!!!!!

Says Orange:
Tony recently joined the Orange roster as an official ambassador, and we are thrilled to be working with him and supporting him and VENOM INC both on the road and in the studio.’ – Orange Global A&R Manager Ella Stormark

Tony is using the AD200 head and the OBC810 speakers



The AD200B MKIII is quite simply one of the purest valve bass amplifiers ever produced. Designed on the premise that the best tone often comes from the shortest signal path from guitar to speaker, this classic, uncomplicated design features inputs for both active and passive instruments and a simple but effective EQ.

With four 6550 output valves pushing 200 Watts of power, the AD200B has a deep, dynamic low-end with a creamy yet focused mid-range. The now-iconic gain structure reveals a wide spectrum of vintage and modern tones, from mellow hues perfect for flatwound strings, through to heavy, percussive growl. Whatever the situation, there is no shortage of punch, which is just one of the reasons why the AD200B has appeared on some of the world’s biggest stages.



The return of the legendary Orange OBC810 8×10″ bass cabinet originally made in very small numbers during the 1970s. Seldom seen, but often revered, this is the 8×10″ to rule them all.

1200 watt output means it can handle any size gig. 13-ply high-density 18mm birch plywood with two heavy-duty castors means it will last forever. Four acoustically-voiced compartments add strength to the design, and combined with the classic configuration of 8×10″ speakers wired to 4 ohm, this is truly an awe-inspiring cabinet that must be heard to be believed.

*** Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan artist page at Orange

About Tony Dolan:
Tony Dolan formed Atomkraft in his teens, being a part of the upcoming Newcastle heavy metal scene. In 1989, he took over vocals and bass in Venom, alongside founding members Mantas and Abaddon, with which he recorded three studio albums. After 1992, Venom fell apart and he stepped into an acting career, sharing the big screen with the likes of Sylvester Stallone in ‘Judge Dredd’ and Russel Crowe in ‘Master And Commander – Far Side Of The World’, in which Dolan played the ships carpenter Mister Lamb. 

In 2004 he participated in the Mantas solo project as bass player. In 2011, he and Mantas formed M:Prite Of Evil, an anagram of ‘Prime Evil’, the Venom album first released with him on it. Joining them was also former Venom drummer Antton Lant, brother of Venom singer Cronos. The Band would record two full-lengths.

In 2015, M:Pire Of Evil performed at the German festival Keep It True, where the band played a special set of Venom classics, in which the drums were taken over from then drummer JXN, by former Venom drummer Abaddon. Subsequently, the band Venom Inc was born. Under that name, the band has toured the world several times over and recorded a full-length titled ‘Avé’, in 2017, under Nuclear Blast Records. The new album ‘There’s Only Black’ is slated for a September 2022 release, again under Nuclear Blast Records.

Besides Orange Amplification, Dolan is also endorsed by Dutch guitar manufacturer Bo~EL Guitars. He plays the Bo~EL Big Generator DLX bass guitar.