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OPETH parts ways with longtime drummer MARTIN 'AXE' AXENROT

Temporarily replaced by Sami Karppinen


OPETH has parted ways with longtime drummer Martin “Axe” Axenrot. The Swedish progressive metallers announced Axenrot‘s exit from the group in a social media post earlier today. The band wrote: “Due to a conflict of interests, Martin Axenrot is no longer part of the OPETH collective. His replacement for the North American tour with MASTODON and ZEAL & ARDOR will be powerhouse drummer Sami Karppinen (THERION). His first show will take place today (November 16) at Harrah’s Cherokee center in Asheville, NC.”

OPETH frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt added: “However sad it is to not have Axe in the band anymore, we’re not in a position to linger on anything that is going to hold us back. We need to soldier on.

“Needless to say, we’re incredibly thankful that Sami is helping us out, making this tour possible and all. On top of that, he’s quite outstanding, really!

“All of us wish the best for Axe in all and any of his future endeavors. He has been a incredibly important part of the band for many years now, and we’re all heartbroken it didn’t work out in the end. But that’s life, I guess…”

Axenrot officially joined OPETH a decade and a half ago as the replacement for Martin Lopez, who left the band in May 2006 after being plagued by illness and anxiety attacks, which forced him to miss several of OPETH‘s tours.

Shortly after he first started playing with OPETHAxenrot told Drummerzone about how he landed the gig: “During OPETH‘s tour in the U.S., Martin Lopez got ill. The band temporarily used the services of Gene Hoglan (who is also featured in OPETH‘s video for the song ‘The Grand Conjuration’) but needed someone else for their European trek. While they were still in the U.S., I received a phone call from singer Mikael Åkerfeldt whom I already knew from our mutual project BLOODBATH. Soon after we all met in OPETH‘s rehearsal studio in Stockholm and here I am today.”

Back in 2007, Åkerfeldt slammed the “new breed of idiot OPETH ‘fans'” for questioning the abilities of Axenrot when compared to that of Lopez. Responding to a discussion on the band’s forum regarding Axenrot‘s more “straightforward” playing technique compared to the “jazzy” style of his predecessor, Åkerfeldt wrote in an online posting, “Wow, looks like we got ourselves a new breed of idiot OPETH ‘fans’ on our tail, huh? Mindblowing guys…really!” He then added: “Axe is in the band now and we all fucking love playing with him.

“When somebody picks on Martin‘s drumming I can’t help but to feel that that person is a deaf moron who knows nothing about music or drumming,” Mikael continued. “I get defensive not only because I brought him in the band, but mainly because he’s a fucking fantastic drummer.”

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