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New FEAR FACTORY singer's identity will be revealed in February, says DINO CAZARES


During an appearance on the latest episode of “The Jasta Show”, the video podcast hosted by HATEBREED frontman Jamey JastaFEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares said that fans will have to wait a few more months to find out the identity of his band’s new singer.

FEAR FACTORY singer and music will be coming just before the group’s North American tour with STATIC-X,” he said : “End of February is the first show, so just before that we’ll be releasing the single and the singer. And then boom — right on the road.”

According to Dino, he has been working with the new FEAR FACTORY vocalist for a year. “It’s just a lot of developing,” he said. “You know, FEAR FACTORY is precious to a lot of people, and so I’ve gotta make sure that it’s right.

“I wanted to release some tracks a while ago with the singer, but then I had nothing behind it — no tour or anything like that — so the hype was gonna die down quick,” he explained. “So I wanna do it around a tour; that way you’ve got something to work. And I just didn’t wanna release his name too quick, because no one’s gonna care by the time I release a track a year later. So I want it all to be done together.”

FEAR FACTORY will release “Recoded”, a collection of remixes of the songs from the band’s latest album, “Aggression Continuum”, on October 28 via Nuclear Blast. The video for the first single from the effort, “Disobey – Disruptor Remix By Zardonic”, is now released.

Watch  “Disobey – Disruptor Remix By Zardonic” below.

“Recoded” will be FEAR FACTORY‘s first remix album since 1997’s “Remanufacture” and it will coincide with the band’s 32nd anniversary (FEAR FACTORY officially formed on October 30, 1990).

The artwork for “Recoded” was created by Anthony Clarkson, who previously worked on 2010’s “Mechanize”, 2012’s “The Industrialist” and 2015’s “Genexus”.

The final mixing and mastering for “Recoded” was handled by Damien Rainaud. The effort was produced by FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares.

“Recoded” track listing:

  1. Adapt Or Die(intro narrative by Jake Stern, sound FX By Zardonic)
    02. Hatred Will Prevail (“Monolith” remix by Rhys Fulber)
    03. Disobey (“Disruptor” remix by Zardonic)
    04. I Am The Nightrider (“Fuel Injected Suicide Machine” remix by Dualized/Zardonic)
    05. Path To Salvation (“Purity” remix by Rhys Fulber)
    06. Worthless (“End Of Line” remix by Zardonic)
    07. Empires Fall (“Collapse” remix by Tyrant Of Death)
    08. System Assassin (“Aggression Continuum” remix by Rhys Fulber)
    09. Hypocrisy Of Faith (“Manufactured Hope” remix by Rob GEE)
    10. This Is My Life (“Cognitive Dissonance” remix by Zardonic)
    11. Recoded (“Recode” remix by Blush Response)

Vinyl bonus tracks:

  1. Turbo Factory(“End Of Line” remix by Turboslash)
    13. Break Off (“Disruptor” remix by Rhys Fulber)

“Aggression Continuum” was released in June 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records. The LP, which was recorded primarily in 2017, features Cazares and singer Burton C. Bell alongside drummer Mike Heller.

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