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MORTICIAN "Demo #1 '90" out now


MORTICIAN “Demo #1 ’90” out now

Xtreem Music has re-issued the classic “Demo #1 ’90” by Mortician on 10″vinyl only.  It is the 2nd title on 10 INCHES OF DEATHCULT. The release of this US death metal band includes their first ever demo on Side A, a rehearsal from December 14th 1989 on Side B and it comes with lyrics, original cover, photos, flyers and show posters.

Vinyl is limited to:
– 100 Silver wax with white splatter
– 100 Clear wax with black splatter
– 100 Classic black wax

10″ vinyl edition, strictly limited to 300 copies (100 of each color) and with limited T-shirts (50 units) only available in bundle.

Available versions:
Order 10″ (silver with white splatter) here: http://shop.xtreemmusic.com/english.item.index.php?&id=21084
Order TS + 10″ (silver with white splatter) here: http://shop.xtreemmusic.com/english.item.index.php?&id=21087
Order 10″ (clear with black splatter) here: http://shop.xtreemmusic.com/english.item.index.php?&id=21085
Order TS + 10″ (clear with black splatter) here: http://shop.xtreemmusic.com/english.item.index.php?&id=21088
Order 10″ (classic black) here: http://shop.xtreemmusic.com/english.item.index.php?&id=21086
Order TS + 10″ (classic black) here: http://shop.xtreemmusic.com/english.item.index.php?&id=21089

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