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Midnight Eternal changes name to EVERDAWN


Midnight Eternal changes name to EVERDAWN

Due to an un-intended and quite dramatic turn of event, the band Midnight Eternal has ceased to exist under exactly that name. Out of the ashes, rises the band EVERDAWN, which will be a natural continuation of the old band with 3 founding and thereby original members in the fold (Richard Fischer, Dan Prestup and Boris Zaks, who also composed the music in Midnight Eternal).

The band explains (in their own words):
The reasons for the change of name and the somewhat new beginning a name-change signifies are many, but most of all, it involves a hi-jacking of the band’s webpage as well as the band’s Social Media pages by former members of the band – an act that ought to be brought to court, but also an act that – if brought to court – would be causing for a possible extended delay in getting new music out to the fans of the band. It also involves a belittled ex-singer, who – after having been shown the door, due to delivering one of the most horrible performances on the demo for the new album – has grown malicious in her own little poisonous web of lies and delusions of grandeur“.

Music video for “Signs Of Fire
Lyric video for “First Time Thrill“:

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