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METALLICA's JAMES HETFIELD Designs New 'Papa H' Logo For Hand-Crafted Tables


METALLICA’s JAMES HETFIELD Designs New ‘Papa H’ Logo For Hand-Crafted Tables

A pair of end tables built by METALLICA frontman James Hetfield will be going out to one winner via a charity raffle for the band’s All Within My Hands foundation. The tables will be personalized and signed by Hetfield himself.

According to METALLICA, James has designed a new “Papa H” logo and branded it on the underside of the wood surface of these end tables. Check out a photo below.

Every $10 donation will equal one entry, and all proceeds benefit the foundation and its work supporting the technical education programs funded by the #MetallicaScholars initiative. The contest is open until June 30, and you can go to this location to enter.

A statement posted to the band’s social media channels read: “During shelter in place, @metallica’s own James Hetfield has used some of his time at home to hone a new creative outlet. He has designed and built a set of handmade end tables, with all the welding and woodwork happening in his own garage. We are raffling them off, and one lucky winner will receive the set, signed and personalized by James!”

Hetfield‘s table collection seems to be a humorous reference to METALLICA’s 2011 collaboration with Lou Reed, “Lulu”. That album’s first single, “The View”, featured Hetfield‘s curious lyrical assertion, “I am the table,” which quickly became a meme.

Hetfield told The Pulse Of Radio that “The View” was the only track on the LP where his vocal was part of the song. “You know, I did some backups on a lot of the other stuff,” he said. “You know, I’d just step up to the mic when I felt like it. But this one was an actual part where, you know, I said, ‘Hey, Lou, you think it would sound good if I took this part?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, give it a shot.’ So yeah, I’m doing the chorus part and he’s doing the other singing, and our voices dwell together really well, I think.

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