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Off The Cross release Triggerfinger cover 'On My Knees'


Off The Cross release Triggerfinger cover ‘On My Knees’

Belgian band Off The Cross pay hommage to one of the biggest heavy bands to come from Belgium ever, Triggerfinger. Last February they recorded a cover version of the song ‘On My Knees’, which is now released.

Stream the track below.

The original version of Triggerfinger dates bakc to 2004 and had an tremendous influence on Off The Cross. They dubbed the main riff of this song “could arguably be the heaviest riff in Belgian musical history”.

Off The Cross previously released a quarantine cover version of the Ghost song ‘Dance Macabre‘, they recorded with friends. The clip contains members of Epica, Fleddy Melculy, Aborted, Diablo Blvd, Eluveiti and many more.

Off The Cross will be part of HELLGIUM, an online stream festival, held on July 12th.

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