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Meridian release “Hungry For A Game” official video


Denmarks melodic heavy rockers MERIDIAN are releasing the first single (out of six) from their upcoming EP of covers “Taking Cover” coming later this year. The song is a cover of the Skagarack classic, “Hungry For A Game”. The band says: “After the last album Mighty Music CEO Michael H. Andersen, wanted us to do a Skagarack cover. All being fans we liked the idea, and despite having lots of great songs to choose from, we quickly settled on one of their biggest hits, – the irresistible Hungry For A Game. So this is our take on this classic hit.”

Why covers? Just for the fun of it! It happens to most bands. It certainly happens a lot in this band. Warming up at rehearsals someone starts playing a cool riff from the good old days. Everybody joins in on the jam and 30 seconds later everybody stops, laugh and someone says: “That’s a cool song. We should make a cover of that someday”. Most often, that day never comes, but sometimes it does. Last year when the band finished recording the “Margin Of Error” album, one of the songs reminded Mighty Music CEO, Michael H. Andersen, of one of the greatest Danish bands from the 80’s, Skagarack, and he suggested the band should do a cover of one of their songs. The idea stuck for a while, and the band decided that once they gathered in the studio, they could just as well record a couple of songs and make a covers EP. Just for the fun of it! Choosing the songs was not easy. Every discussion always ended with over twenty good suggestions. So the band applied some rules. Each member should pick one song, and nobody could argue against it. So here we are, with six classic rock and pop songs from the 80’s, grinded through the Meridian machine, twisted a little bit to suite the Meridian sound and playing style, but still paying respect to the well known originals. All six songs are released as digital singles over the summer, and the EP will be available in the autumn 2020.

Lars Märker –vocals
Martin J. Andersen –guitars & vocals
Marco Angioni –guitars & keyboards
Peter Bruun –bass
Klaus Agerbo –drums

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