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MARK OSEGUEDA didn't inform DEATH ANGEL bandmates he was working with KERRY KING

European tour kicks off today, on King's 60th Birthday


During an appearance on the latest episode of the “Let There Be Talk” podcast with rock and roll comedian Dean DelrayMark Osegueda was asked how he broke the news to his DEATH ANGEL bandmates that he was joining Kerry King in the solo project from the SLAYER guitarist. The singer said: “Oh, man. With this one, it’s tough. I really had to respect the NDA (non-disclosure agreement I signed with Kerry‘s team). I really did. And it was eating at me. ‘Cause DEATH ANGEL has been touring consistently — we toured consistently when the world shut down (due to the coronavirus pandemic). When the world reopened, we went right back out on the road. And this was all happening. I was starting to do these demos during the pandemic, and then, after that, I was regularly seeing Kerry to do more demos for his debut solo album when the world opened. And Kerry‘s record was done for a year before it came out. And I’d be on tour with DEATH ANGEL. And there were some nights where me and Rob (CavestanyDEATH ANGEL guitarist) were in the lounge, just me and him, drinking, listening to music and just laughing and talking like we do. And it just took everything in me not to tell him what was going on. It’s so hard to not just say, ‘Look, bro. Look, bro.’

“This is one of those things that just, like it or not, some people will think I’m an ass about it, but I just kind of really promised — I promised Kerry and I signed the NDA,” Mark explained. “I promised everyone I wasn’t gonna let anyone know. The only people who knew were my girlfriend, my girl, my mom and my sister. We didn’t even tell my dad ’cause my dad has loose lips. So we didn’t even tell him then. So those are the three people who knew. And, of course, people who were at the studio when we were recording, and shit like that, who were all NDA people as well. So it’s fucked up, but I waited and let him know through e-mail same day that the official announcement of Kerry‘s new band happened (in early February). And then shortly thereafter I talked to Rob and Ted (AguilarDEATH ANGEL guitarist).”

Elaborating on how he approached informing his longtime bandmates of his involvement with Kerry‘s new band, Mark said: “I said in the e-mail, ‘Look, this is the toughest thing for me to tell you.’ And how I worded it in one aspect to them was just pretty much, ‘This is gonna be either the most surprising thing in the world to you or, slash, the most obvious thing in the world to you.’ And I even said at the end, ’cause it was an e-mail to all the guys, and I just said, ‘Take some time to really process all this before you respond, before we talk. Let all this kind of sink in, and then when come together, if you wanna talk to me, then we’ll all talk.’ And shortly thereafter, I talked to Ted and Rob. And they were still a little sideswiped, for sure — for sure. I could see it in their faces… We did a FaceTime kind of Zoom call, the three of us, and they were both definitely still in kind of a state of processing it. But by the end of the call, after we talked for about an hour, they were supportive, for sure, happy for me. And they both did say, ‘Now that you mention it, man, it is kind of the most obvious fucking thing in the world.’ (Laughs) But it was tough, man. I’m not gonna lie. It’s tough, ’cause we’ve been through so much together — so much together — especially me and Rob. I mean, not to take away from… Shit, Ted‘s been in the band since 2001, and now Damien (Sisson, bass) and Will (Carroll, drums) have been in the band for well over a decade now. So it’s crazy. But, of course, me and Rob, we’ve known each other since we were in the crib. So that it was a tough one. But now, Rob is very, very supportive. Before the first (Kerry King) show, I got a text from him saying, ‘Have a fucking killer show, bro.’ And all this stuff. The (Kerry King album) release day, he sent me congratulations on release day. Ted as well. So, they’ve come to accept it. And I think it’s already brought a lot of attention to DEATH ANGEL. And it’s gonna keep doing that. But it was tough.”

Mark added: “I’m excited about everything. I’m excited about everything ahead. But, yeah, for sure, it was definitely a delicate situation. Even before it was happening, when I knew it was coming up, it was, like, ‘I’ve gotta choose my words carefully.’ It’s tough. But now that it’s out, I feel so relieved — so relieved — it’s out. And since then, we’ve (DEATH ANGEL) toured South and Central America together recently, and that was the first tour we did since the (Kerry King) announcement and some of Kerry‘s songs have been released. So everyone got along great. And it’s out. And it just feels so much better to be around the guys with them knowing. I just felt so odd them not knowing.”

Asked by Delray if he made his clear in his initial e-mail that he was not quitting DEATH ANGELMark said: “Yeah, absolutely. Well, first, I’m kind of yammering about the process of it, but I definitely said, ‘I’m very much still the singer of DEATH ANGEL.’ And, of course, when I was talking to Rob and TedRob was, like, ‘I was very happy to hear you say that.’ Like, ‘Of course, bro.'”

King‘s debut solo album, From Hell I Rise, came out on May 17 via Reigning Phoenix Music. Joining King and Osegueda on the record are drummer Paul Bostaph (SLAYER), bassist Kyle Sanders (HELLYEAH) and guitarist Phil Demmel (formerly of MACHINE HEAD). Working with producer Josh Wilbur (KORNLAMB OF GODAVENGED SEVENFOLDBAD RELIGION), the vast bulk of King‘s solo album was recorded at Henson Recording Studios (formerly A&M Studios) in Los Angeles, California, a location that birthed classics from THE DOORSPINK FLOYDRAMONES and SOUNDGARDEN, among others.

KERRY KING starts his European tour today, on his 60th Birthday. He will also be special guest on the upcoming LAMB OF GOD/MASTODON North American “Ashes Of Leviathan” co-headline tour. The six-week run will launch on July 19 in Grand Prairie, Texas and will wrap on August 31 in Omaha, Nebraska. KERRY KING will make the band’s 2024 concert debut in May, first at the Welcome To Rockville festival (May 9), followed by Sonic Temple Arts & Music Festival (May 16). They are also confirmed for Hellfest, in France, this Summer. 

Due to logistical issues, the European tour will now conclude on 29th June. Refunds for the cancelled shows are available from the point of purchase.
03.06.2024 NL Tilburg – 013
04.06.2024 NL Enschede – Hertog Jan Zaal
06.06.2024 SE Sölvesborg – Sweden Rock Festival
07.06.2024 DE Nürburgring – Rock am Ring
08.06.2024 PL Gdańsk – Mystic Festival
09.06.2024 DE Nuremberg – Rock im Park
11.06.2024 DE Hamburg – Große Freiheit 36
12.06.2024 DE Berlin – Huxleys Neue Welt
13.06.2024 AT Nickelsdorf – Nova Rock
15.06.2024 CZ Hradec Králové , Rock For People
16.06.2024 UK Derby – Download Festival
18.06.2024 UK London – Electric Ballroom
20.06.2024 BE Dessel – Graspop Metal Meeting
21.06.2024 DK Copenhagen – Copenhell
22.06.2024 FI Nummijärvi, Nummirock Metal Festival
26.06.2024 ES Viveiro – Resurrection Fest
27.06.2024 FR Clisson – Hellfest
28.06.2024 FI Helsinki – Tuska
29.06.2024 PT Lisbon – Evil Live Festival, Altice Arena
Tickets: https://kerrykingofficial.com/#tour

This past December, it was announced that VIO-LENCE will return to the stage in April 2024 for a special eight-date headlining tour during which they will perform their classic 1988 debut album, “Eternal Nightmare”, in its entirety. The trek runs from April 5 in Cambridge, Massachusetts through April 13 in Chicago, Illinois. Support at the dates will come from EXHORDERDECEASED and MORTAL WOUND.

At some of VIO-LENCE‘s recent shows, the band’s touring lineup consisted of classic-era vocalist Killian alongside more recent additions, drummer Adrian Aguilar (EXMORTUS),guitarist Miles Dimitri Baker (VOIDBRINGERINTERLOPER, ex-RINGS OF SATURN),bassist Christian Olde Wolbers and guitarist Ira Black (VICIOUS RUMORSHEATHENMETAL CHURCH). Notably, those dates featured only Killian from the VIO-LENCE lineup that played its first comeback gig in April 2019 at the Oakland Metro in Oakland, California.

VIO-LENCE played its first show with Aguilar in February 2023 at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California. Aguilar joined VIO-LENCE following the departure of Strickland.

Although MACHINE HEAD frontman Robb Flynn was part of VIO-LENCE‘s classic incarnation and played on “Eternal Nightmare”, he wasn’t approached about taking part in the band’s reunion.

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