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LEATHER LEONE announces 'We Are The Chosen' solo album for November 2022


CHASTAIN singer Leather Leone will release a new solo album, “We Are The Chosen”, on November 25 via Steamhammer/SPV. The LP’s first single is scheduled to arrive on September 23. It will mark her first solo material since her 2018 effort “Leather II”.

Leone has long been considered one of the originators of the female power metal vocal style, having appeared on the classic CHASTAIN albums “Mystery Of Illusion”“Ruler Of The Wasteland”“The 7th Of Never”“The Voice Of The Cult” and “For Those Who Dare”.

The Leather-fronted version of CHASTAIN recorded five CDs in the mid-to-late 1980s: 1985’s “Mystery Of Illusion”, 1986’s “Ruler Of The Wasteland”, 1987’s “The 7th Of Never”, 1988’s “The Voice Of The Cult” and 1990’s “For Those Who Dare”. After the “For Those Who Dare” tour, David Chastain and Leather amicably went their separate ways but kept in touch over the years before reuniting in 2013.

Leone comments on her signing with Steamhammer/SPV: “I’m really happy to have signed with one of the world’s most prestigious rock and metal labels. I’ve known label manager Olly Hahn for years, and when Larry Howe from VICIOUS RUMORS strongly recommended that I should play my new material to Olly, it was just a small step to signing with the label.”

Hahn is also delighted with his latest signing, saying: “As a long-standing CHASTAIN fan, I’ve always loved Leather‘s vocals. Her new album is impressive proof that she still has one of the best voices in heavy metal. I’m thrilled that she’s chosen Steamhammer and am sure she has lots of exciting stuff up her sleeve.”

Leather released one solo album, “Shock Waves”, in 1989, before taking a two-decade break from the music scene. In a 2015 interview with MusicLifeMagazine.net, she said: “For 20 years I got into animal medicine and animal rescue I got into pitbull rescue which totally blew my mind and took my breath away. But I went away from music because it was so frustrating for me. Some people have said that I just gave up and that those sorts of comments really dug into me but maybe it seems to outsiders that I did.”

Leather in 2012 released the debut album from her SLEDGE LEATHER project, “Imagine Me Alive”. The CD was inspired in 2010 when Leather called Sandy Sledge to collaborate on the Ronnie James Dio track “Egypt” for a demo tribute recording. Due to the overwhelming response for more material, SLEDGE LEATHER was born and performed at Germany’s Keep It True festival in April 2011.

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