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Launch of EYE OF MELIAN music project - Movie score & etherial fantasy music.


EYE OF MELIAN is the new project featuring Dutch songwriter and producer MARTIJN WESTERHOLT, known for DELAIN and WITHIN TEMPTATION.

Successful Finnish vocalist JOHANNA KURKELA’s angelic voice quickens the fantasy to full life. She is also known for her work in AURI, ALTAMULLAN ROAD, and Tuomas Holopainen’s album “MUSIC INSPIRED BY THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SCROOGE.” American lyricist and vocalist ROBIN LA JOY specialized in fantasy lyrics and poetry, complements the trio with her lyrics on Eye of Melian.

EYE OF MELIAN’s ethereal and symphonic music has been described as movie score-like – unfolding epic and elegant storyscapes in the listener’s mind. Also contributing to the project is Finnish orchestral arranger and producer MIKKO MUSTONEN who has worked on many successful releases in various genres. Their debut album is expected to be released in 2022 with the first single in fall of 2021.


Johanna Kurkela: Vocals
Martijn Westerholt: Keys, backing voices
Robin La Joy: Lyricist, Backing Voices
Classical arranger & co producer: Mikko Mustonen

With guest performences by
Leah: Voices
Troy Donockley: Whistles & electric guitars

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