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KROSIS to release Solem Vatem Redux album and stream single


KROSIS to release Solem Vatem Redux album and stream single

Progressive deathcore five-piece KROSIS have re-recorded their 2018 album, Solem Vatem, with new vocalist Mac Smith, and will release Solem Vatem Redux on 27th November via Unique Leader Records. The band have also released a single for the redux version of ‘Terminus’, featuring Duncan Bentley from Vulvodynia.

The video was filmed produced, and edited by Jaiden Frost.

Watch the new version of ‘Terminus’ below.

Vocalist Mac Smith commented:
“KROSIS is proud to present, ‘Terminus,’ the lead single from our upcoming album, Solem Vatem Redux. This release includes completely revamped production and new vocal work from myself. Joining the band roughly five months after the initial release of Solem Vatem, I am extremely excited to reveal my take on this material. This project was challenging, as I had to adopt some vocal stylings that I had not previously attempted before. Overall, I am very proud of how Solem Vatem Redux has turned out, and we hope you will be too! Thank you for all your support and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it” 

Solem Vatem Redux is the second part of KROSIS‘ Memoir Anthology, a series of three releases including a re-release of their debut album Mount of Sacrifice, a re-release of their 2018 Unique Leader label debut Solem Vatem and there will be a brand new EP to come in 2021.

Solem Vatem Redux featured all new recordings and mixes by Brandon Scurlark of Eltar Studios and a new master by Jamie King (The Contortionist, Between The the Buried and Me).  It also retains the original’s guest performances from Pierre Daniel of Kadinja and John Robert C. of The Last Ten Seconds Of Life.

Solem Vatem was originally released in 2018 featuring vocalist Tyler Brown. Shortly after release, Brown departed from KROSIS and was replaced by Mac Smith. 2020’s Solem Vatem Ultimate Redux spotlights Smith‘s unique and diverse vocal ability, and gives the fan-favourite album a whole new soundscape.

1    Disclosure
2    Melting Point
3    Void Fracture (featuring Pierre Danel Of Kadinja)
4    Buoyancy
5    Emigrate
6    Apathos Vacant (featuring John Robert C. Of The Last Ten Seconds Of Life)
7    Apathos Renaissance
8    Immolation Fist
9    God Rays
10  Maelstrom
11  Solem Vatem
12  Terminus (featuring Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia)

Pre-order/save Solem Vatem Redux here and here.

Mac Smith- Vocals
Adam Thiessen- Guitars
Brandon Scurlark-GUitars
Brian Krahe- Bass
Daniel Cece- Drums

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