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Guitarist Dave Weiner Leaves STEVE VAI's band after 23 years, announces his replacement


Dave Weiner, who has been a part of Steve Vai‘s band as a guitar player since 1999, has announced that he’s parting ways with the virtuoso musician’s ensemble.

With Vai by his side, the guitarist made the announcement on YouTube, saying:

“For 23 years I’ve been honored, privileged and blessed to play with a living legend. The gratitude that I have is immeasurable. As life has it, you get to choose your own adventure, and I feel it’s time to choose a new adventure after these 23 years of playing together.”

Vai added:

“Dave has been an incredibly beautiful soldier – an absolutely accomplished musician. I can’t even quantify our good fortune over these 23 years. We had so much fun. We’ve seen so much, we’ve been through so much, we played so many notes, we’ve played some great shows.”

The duo also announced Weiner’s replacement, who will be Dante Frisiello, recruited and trained by Weiner himself, with Vai saying:

“Dante was on our European tour, helping out and occasionally getting on stage. I’ve been listening very carefully to the way he plays and his parts, and I feel that he’s completely accomplished and up to do a beautiful job at picking up where Weiner left off.”

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