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GLORYHAMMER release video“Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol”

[Photo Credit: Fernando Bonenfant]


In celebration of their new album, Return to the Kingdom of Fife, which drops this Friday via Napalm Records, power metal band GLORYHAMMER release their new single, “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol”.

Watch “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol” below.


“Alright you bunch of nuclear goblins, LISTEN UP! The Hootsman is coming to town, and he’s gonna cyber-detonate your brains to death with his hootatronic battle-saxophone! HOOTS!”

Order the album in various formats HERE.

Order the album in various formats HERE.

Says Napalm Records:

 In the not-so-distant Kingdom of Fife, there lies a band like no other. GLORYHAMMER embodies the very essence of power metal and epic fantasy, with a sound so majestic and grandiose that it could only be the work of the gods themselves. Led by the manifestation of extreme trumpet-chaos in battle-mode, GLORYHAMMER has been waging a never-ending fight against the forces of Zargothrax since their formation in 2010.

With their soaring hyper-melodies, multitudinous orchestra-explosions and thunderous nano-guitar riffs, they have become the undisputed champions of the power metal scene, drawing in legions of fans from across the galaxy with their epic tales of intergalactic warfare, cosmic sorcery, and heroic deeds. It has been four years since the band’s last release, but the wait is finally over for another massive onslaught of power metal greatness”.

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