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GHOST Jigsaw Puzzles Due In March 2020


GHOST Jigsaw Puzzles Due In March 2020

U.K.’s Zee Productions will release the classic GHOST album covers as 500-piece jigsaws. An opportunity missed to make it a 666-piece, maybe. “Opus Eponymous”, “Infestissumam”, “Meliora” and “Prequelle” will be made available on March 13.

All puzzles come in a vinyl-box-set-sized box, perfect to fit alongside your vinyl collection.

Last April, Zee Productions launched a new range of rock and metal jigsaw puzzles, Rock Saws.

The first collection included jigsaws based on some of the greatest albums in heavy metal history from IRON MAIDEN, MOTÖRHEAD, JUDAS PRIEST and SLAYER.

The artwork from each of these legendary albums is now available as a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle printed on high-quality board.

Also released in September were the first four classic METALLICA album covers as 500-piece jigsaws (“Kill ‘Em All”, “Ride The Lightning”, “Master Of Puppets” and “…And Justice For All”) as well as four classic RUSH album covers (“Fly By Night”, “A Farewell To Kings”, “Permanent Waves” and “Moving Pictures”).

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