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GARY MOORE: 'The Sanctuary Years' box set due in June


On June 23, BMG will release Gary Moore‘s “The Sanctuary Years” box set, a remarkable collection of his powerful and emotive studio recordings.

“The Sanctuary Years” contains four incredible albums from Moore‘s time at the prestigious label. This deluxe package features the albums “A Different Beat”“Back To The Blues”“Scars” and “Power Of The Blues”, while all contain new liner notes written by Dave Everley. Furthermore, the boxset includes a 5.1 (edited) mix of “Back To The Blues” and select interviews on Blu-ray, assorted stickers, poster and further memorabilia.

Moore rocked the world of blues and rock with his virtuoso guitar playing and soulful voice. Best known for his evocative solo hits “Parisienne Walkways” and “Still Got The Blues”, and his on-and-off membership of THIN LIZZYGary‘s solo career comprises over 20 albums. Throughout the 1980s, Gary moved up the rock hierarchy, but turned his back on what he regarded as the empty flash of metal and reverted to his heart music — the blues — where ironically, he scored his biggest commercial success through his 1990s and 2000s blues albums.

As well as running his own bands, during a successful solo career, Gary mixed with the best that rock and blues could offer, playing live and on record with George HarrisonJack BruceGinger BakerGreg LakeB.B. KingAlbert KingAlbert Collins and many others. Gary is regarded as one of the most influential Irish musicians of all time. Having been honored by both Gibson and Fender with signature guitars, the Northern Irish star is still seen as one of the best guitar players of all time.

The first album in “The Sanctuary Years” box set, “A Different Beat” was Moore‘s twelfth solo album, where he explored new areas of blues and rock. Originally released in 1999 the album includes the bonus track “Can’t Help Myself (E-Z Rollers Remix)”.

Two years later, “Back To The Blues” was released and found Gary reconnecting with the blues after a few years of musical experimentation and gave him a No. 6 album on the U.S. blues chart. “Back To The Blues” now includes three bonus tracks.

Originally released in 2002, “Scars” saw Gary really cutting loose in a fashion that mirrored those bands he had grown up listening to.

‘Scars’ was all about getting back to a kind of ’60s thing,” Moore said in 2003. “It had a very Hendrix-y feel about the whole thing — the BAND OF GYPSYS and the improvisation thing.”

Moore had retained PRIMAL SCREAM drummer Darrin Mooney, who had impressed him so much during the “Back To The Blues” sessions and added bassist Cass Lewis (SKUNK ANANSIE) to complete the power trio.

Concluding the box set is 2004’s “Power Of The Blues”, and no matter how far his musical wanderings took him, Moore always returned to one place: the blues. Bassist and old friend Bob Daisley (RAINBOWOZZY OSBOURNE) joined Gary and Darrin Mooney on this ten-track album.

“The Sanctuary Years” CD box set track listing:
“A Different Beat”
01. Go On Home
02. Lost In Your Love
03. Worry No More
04. Fire
05. Surrender
06. House Full Of Blues
07. Bring My Baby Back
08. Can’t Help Myself
09. Fatboy
10. We Want Love
11. Can’t Help Myself (E-Z Rollers Remix)
12. Surrender (Edit) *
* Hidden track
“Back To The Blues”

01. Enough Of The Blues
02. You Upset Me Baby
03. Cold Black Night
04. Stormy Monday
05. Ain’t Got You
06. Picture Of The Moon
07. Looking Back
08. The Prophet
09. How Many Lies
10. Drowning In Tears
11. Picture Of The Moon (Single Edit) *
12. Cold Black Night (Live At VH1) *
13. Stormy Monday (Live At VH1) *
* Bonus Material
01. When The Sun Goes Down
02. Rectify
03. Wasn’t Born In Chicago
04. Stand Up
05. Just Can’t Let You Go
06. My Baby (She’s So Good To Me)
07. World Of Confusion
08. Ball And Chain
09. World Keep Turnin’ Round
10. Who Knows (What Tomorrow May Bring)?
“Power Of The Blues”
01. Power Of The Blues
02. There’s A Hole
03. Tell Me Woman
04. I Can’t Quit You Baby
05. That’s Why I Play The Blues
06. Evil
07. Getaway Blues
08. Memory Pain
09. Can’t Find My Baby
10. Torn Inside
Blu-ray components
“Back To The Blues” 5.1 Mix (Edited Version) + select interviews

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