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FISTER release second new track of forthcoming album ‘Decade of Depression’


FISTER release second new track of forthcoming album ‘Decade of Depression’

Sludge / doom band FISTER are now premiering “For whom the bell tolls” , second track taken from their upcoming release ‘Decade of Depression’. ‘Decade of Depression’ in reference to Slayer ’s legendary live album ‘Decade of Agression’ , featuring a series of cover songs.

This album celebrating the band first 10 year anniversary is due November 27 Sept .

Marcus Newstead comments on the track:
Choosing a song from a band as deeply influential and prolific as Metallica made us really try and pick something that represented all the parts of the band that made them truly amazing. With that in mind, “For Whom The Bell Tolls” was a standout for us as it showcased what the band did best in a concise package early on in their career. It gets to the point and in a way has a very cyclical and repetitive structure which appeals to our comfort zone musically. The riffs are iconic so we tried to keep that attitude intact while giving it a new angle.

Listen to the new offering “For whom the bell tolls” AT THIS LOCATION.

Other cover versions on the recording are:
Mandatory Suicide – SLAYER, Too Old Too Cold – DARKTHRONE, How the Gods Kill – DANZIG, Reaper – HELLHAMMER and Only Hunger Remains – PUNGENT STENCH

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