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SLASH Shoots Down Report New GUNS N' ROSES Song Will Appear In 'Terminator' Movie


Slash has shot down reports that GUNS N’ ROSES has been approached to write and record a new song for the upcoming movie “Terminator: Dark Fate”, the latest in the long-running series about an ongoing war between humans and cyborgs.

A rumor surfaced last week via a GUNS N’ ROSES fan site that four members of the band went to a private viewing of a rough copy of the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger sequel movie to see if they want to put a song on the soundtrack.

The report added, “Apparently, Slash was at Axl Rose’s house to record overdubs on a song for the rush release. At this point the song name is unknown. But yes 100% verified. GUNS N’ ROSES new music.”

During an appearance on today’s (Monday, September 9) edition of SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation”, Slash categorically denied that a new GN’R song would appear in “Terminator: Dark Fate”. “There’s nothing in the ‘Terminator’ movie,” he said. “These rumors, they take off and then they get a life of their own. And you can’t reel ’em in. They just sort of get tossed around in the wind. Anyway, but, yeah, so there’s nothing in there, in that.

Speaking about GUNS N’ ROSES’ plans for the coming months, the guitarist said: “We’re just doing this one run of shows in the States and a couple of dates in Mexico end of this month into November. And so that’s it for GUNS for now. And I think we have something coming up in March as far as touring is concerned. Obviously, everybody knows that we’re working on new material, which is really exciting, and so, that’s really primarily what the focus is.”

Listen the entire interview on Soundcloud.

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