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FIRSTBORNE featuring CHRIS ADLER and JAMES LOMENZO release single 'Dead Rats'


FIRSTBORNE, the band featuring Grammy Award-winning artist Chris Adler and MEGADETH bassist James LoMenzo, has just released another new single, “Dead Rats”. As was the case with “Bad Things” and “One Of A Kind”, which were made available in September, the latest track was independently produced by the band — also featuring soft-shred pioneer Myrone (guitar) and rising-star vocalist Girish Pradhan — with mixing and mastering by longtime collaborator Gene “Machine” Freeman.

Stream “Dead Rats” below.

When “Bad Things” and “One Of A Kind” were released, Adler had this to say about the new singles and the trajectory of FIRSTBORNE: “We’ve made good use of the time. For the next year-plus we will be releasing a song a month, starting here and now with a one-two-punch.

“I’m thrilled to be in a creative partnership that can do just about anything. Feels like playing in ‘God Mode’ on Guitar / Band Hero. It’s a passion project and it’s fun for us to share. Dig in. Or don’t. See you next month!”

Myrone added about the ethos of the group: “No Labels, No Management, NO GODS, NO MASTERS!!!!”

Watch the previously released official audio video for ‘Bad thing’ and ‘One Of A Kind’ below. 

FIRSTBORNE‘s self-titled debut EP came out in 2020 and marked Adler‘s first dedicated band release since his departure from MEGADETH and LAMB OF GOD.

“Firstborne” included five songs and two lyric videos. The EP represented several years of dedicated introspection and refined effort to the idea of a heavy and positive message.

As might be expected, Adler chose his bandmates in this endeavor meticulously.

Not too long ago, Adler shared the stage across the Middle East with LoMenzo in HAIL! Prior to that, LoMenzo and Adler orbited each other for years traveling together on tours crossing the globe. The connect was inevitable.

Adler and Myrone began collaborating in early 2019 after Myrone noticed Adler‘s e-mail address attached to a Bandcamp sales notification email. Adler had been a fan of Myrone‘s talent for years prior and as soon as they connected, it was game on.

A chance meeting in India, almost a second home to Chris after eight visits, was the spark needed to form the international group FIRSTBORNE and for Chris to return to the studio. Adler met and shared the stage with Pradhan during a six-week clinic tour of India in the fall of 2019. After the first show of the clinic tour, Adler immediately called Myrone, noting he’d “struck gold” in their search for a singer for the then-unnamed project.

Girish Pradhan is the glue that united FIRSTBORNEPradhan on vocals represents an almost unprecedented international collaboration.

Pradhan is an established and well-known recording and touring artist in India and resides in Bengaluru. His band GIRISH AND THE CHRONICLES made international headlines with their album “Rock The Highway” and music videos “Rock ‘N Roll Is Here to Stay”“Identity Crisis” and “Rock The Highway”.

Speaking on his experience creating with FIRSTBORNEMyrone explained: “Every single part of this experience has been extremely surreal for me. Girish is one of the best metal vocalists on the planet, Chris is one of the most influential drummers of the last 25 years, and JLO can play anything from MEGADETH to John Fogerty to Motown and everything in between. I can’t believe I get to share space on a .wav with them.”

Myrone is a Los Angeles-based producer/guitarist who pioneered the “soft shred” genre. In the last few years, he has released several albums and two EPs of instrumental guitar music and racked up millions of Spotify streams. In addition to his own recordings, he has collaborated with Rivers Cuomo (WEEZER),SZALittle BootsMichael Christmas and Deaton Chris Anthony. More recently, Myrone was Guitar #1 in the L.A. production of “Rock Of Ages”, the 29th-longest running show in Broadway history.

LoMenzo is a veteran touring/recording musician since his multi-platinum band WHITE LION in the 1980s. Lomenzo is one of the most in-demand rock bass players in the world. His list of credits includes WHITE LIONZakk Wylde‘s BLACK LABEL SOCIETY/PRIDE & GLORYMEGADETHJerry CantrellDavid Lee RothSLASH’S SNAKEPITLYNCH MOBFREHEY’S COMET and more. He officially rejoined MEGADETH as a touring member last year and became an official member this past May.


Vocals: Girish Pradhan
Guitar: Myrone
Bass: James LoMenzo
Drums: Chris Adler

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