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Fender Unveils New American Ultra Series

American Ultra Series


New Guitars: Fender Unveils New American Ultra Series
Fender’s new line aims to bring modern features and technology to the classic guitar models

Ultimate Guitar reports that Fender announced the release of their all-new American Ultra Series guitars that will bring sweeping changes to their classic models. The Ultra Series is all about modernization, with features that increase playability, sonic diversity, and sound quality. The American Ultra Series will feature Stratocasters, Telecasters, Precision and Jazz basses, and even a Jazzmaster model with brand new finish options unique to the Ultra series.

With a full suite of new features to talk about, we’ll take a look at each new model individually. Before that, the features that are commonplace on all models include new Ultra Series-specific finish options such as Plasma Red Burst, Texas Tea, Mocha Burst, Ultra Burst, Cobra Burst, Aged Natural, and Arctic Pearl. For the Ultra Telecaster, you will also be able to get it in the classic Butterscotch Blonde finish. All of these guitars also feature Fender’s Treble Bleed circuit, meaning you won’t lose high-end clarity when turning down the instrument’s volume.

All of the new guitars and basses will have rolled edges on the fretboards and necks, making them comfortable and extremely playable. Lastly, all will feature Fender’s new S curve around the heel joint that helps the heel disappear into the body of the guitar. This gives the player premium access to the higher frets on all instruments. The American Ultra Series will be priced the same as the current American Elite line.

Source: Ultimate-Guitar

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