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Fabulae Dramatis releases new single and video for “The City (Translucent)”


Fabulae Dramatis releases new single and video for “The City (Translucent)”

Belgian avant-garde / progressive metal act Fabulae Dramatis released a new single for “The City (Translucent)” and a video to coincide with it.the song is taken off their self-released, yet undisclosed third album. 

Watch the video for “The City (Translucent)” below.

Here below a quote from the band about what this song is all about:

Welcome to “The City – (Translucent)”.

Come on in! Nobody will see you. Nobody cares.

All residents ignore each other despite living close to each other. Therefore, they exist as if they were invisible. Just like the transparent buildings around it.

 In this society, YOU, the individual, are no longer part of society. YOU are property, a product to trade.

 The inhabitants of the transparent city are manipulated by powerful claws pulling the strings from above. They are puppets who have released their autonomy. Not consciously, and therefore not free. Pedestrians pass without paying attention to each other. Musicians cannot play freely. Their movements and the way they perceive the world are controlled by the powers that dominate the world in which they live. Nobody listens to them, nobody sees them … until they decide to become autonomous and free themselves from this slavery.

The City – (Translucent) refers to modern society, in which conditioned puppets play the main role. Some adapt to the toxic environment, others break loose and others even dare to look beyond the invisible walls. This issue leaves you with the question: how much freedom should we be deprived of before we wake up?”. 

[photo credit: Piotr Kutolowski]

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