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Winterfylleth – Spectral Wound – Afsky

A blackmetalfueled autumn night at Willemeen!


Winterfylleth is an English black metal band from Manchester. Since their inception in 2007, the band has released six studio albums and have become a popular act in both the English underground metal scene and the wider international metal arena. Winterfylleth are self-described as “English Heritage Black Metal” and is often considered to be musical ‘brothers-in-arms’ with fellow English black metal band Wodensthrone owing to the common lyrical and aesthetic themes they share.

Spectral Wound

Spectral Wound formed in 2014 in Montreal, Québec, as a vessel of self-negation and existential dread, melding the raw fury of traditional black metal with the melodic sensibility of Finnish and Québécois BM. Against the grain of both atmospheric and militaristic strands of ideological black metal, Spectral Wound carves a space beyond the fetish of nature or the puerile romance of power. Without God, without Satan, without Odin, without nation, without the individual, without transcendence, without essence, without life. Spectral Wound channels the horrors of the flesh and the violence of the spirit, deformed under the weight of history, poised on the brink of a whirling void.


Afsky means disgust or detest in Danish. The style is raw and melancholic and is the solo project of Ole Luk, also singer and guitarist in Danish Solbrud. Thou Afsky was never meant to be a live project, they have played several shows in, mostly Denmark and Germany and gotten quite some attention. Latest nominated for a Gaffa-award (biggest public music zine in Denmark). “It’s a very personal project to me. Its more like therapy that I write these songs, than to impress an audience. This project gives me freedom to do whatever I want, and to pull this project in any direction I wish to. This leaves room for experimentation ”,


Oct 18 2019



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Willemsplein 1, 6811 KA Arnhem
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