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Týr – Arkona – Dalriada – Varmia

The heathen heroes of Týr and Arkona are teaming up with Dalriada and Varmia for an epic EU-tour this fall! On October 9th they are coming to Biebob, Vosselaar for an evening filled with heathen rituals! Týr’s most recent album “Hel” was released in March 2019, and it was followed by a very successful “Tour From Hel” to promote the album.  Arkona, led by mighty Masha Scream, will be back on the road, being in the middle of recording of their 9th album. After the release of “Khram” in 2018 the band played worldwide and this tour will mark the end of the Khram era.

Both bands will play a mixture of old Pagan classics and Heavy Hitters from the recent albums, so prepare for a night to remember!


Oct 09 2020



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Vosselaar, Antwerpen, België
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