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Turia – Defacement – Disequilibrium

After the sold-out first edition of Unlocking the Stellar Crypt, Levertraan and Haeresis Noviomagi are proudly presenting the second edition of this night filled with unholy black art in Utrecht’s finest venue.


Since the band’s inception in the winter of 2014/2015, Turia has attained a reputation as one of the drivers of a vitalized and ambitious Dutch black metal scene. Their name has been built on several well received releases garnering international attention, and a restless touring schedule that brought their primal and stripped down live performance to nearly a dozen countries. Turia aims to bring the spectator in a state of morbid trance, evoking harrowing sublime landscapes. Through ferocious drums entangled with spectral guitars, the menacing voice of T conjures ancient cycles of death and rebirth. Do not miss one of the few shows of this enigmatic act on Dutch soil.


Early 2019 marked the release of Defacement’s – “Deviant”, a uniquely powerful debut album of cavernous mind bending black/death metal. Representing a unique stylistic approach in the Dutch scene, Guitarist Khalil Azagoth and bassist/vocalist Forsaken Ahmed have brought forth a collection of songs that will surely make great waves now and in the years to come. Balancing between Ulcerate-like dissonant death metal attacks and the blackened fury reminiscent of the Icelandic scene, “Deviant” retains an organic and menacing tone throughout. Recorded in Utrecht’s own Catacomben Studios, responsible for the sound of a new generation of Dutch black metal (Laster, Lubbert Das, Wrang), any underground maniac should know this band. Defacement’s second show ever is sure to incinerate the minds of all who will witness this band perform their sinister chaotic magic.


One cannot begin to speak about underground Dutch black metal without mentioning the ever prolific ‘The Throat’ label; home to much of the ominous subterranean murmurs and ghostly howls that plague the Netherlands. From below the peat bogs, from abandoned vaults and through branches of thick undergrowth, an eerie wind chills the bones of many a wanderer who delves too deep. Disequilibrium is such an apparition: releasing several demo’s and split releases throughout the raw black metal underground, and only taking the stage twice in the spring of 2019, this will be their very first performance in Utrecht. Devotees of the weird, the ugly, the surreal and the terrifying will know what to expect – the uninitiated will surely tremble in confused fear.

19:30 – Doors
20:00 – Disequilibrium
21:00 – Defacement
22:00 – Turia


Feb 15 2020



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