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LECTAMYNOL started in january 2011 when Michiel G. (drums,before in  Grimaelkin,Carboram,…) and David S. (guitar,before in Neuthrone,Holefiller,TPOG,Grimaelkin,Möse,…) teamed up to satisfy their lust for ferocious trash mayhem.Later joined by Dieter R. (Trauma Exposure,Carboram,…) on bass and Dirk V.(Repression O.D.,All2ruin,D’onderhond…) on vocals,the onset of serious filth was at hand.   Combining backgrounds in diverse musical styles,and ripping them up along the way,the sound resulted in a swirling mass of fast & noisy extreme metal infused with dreary doom and a hint at melody and sickened beauty.   In october 2012,after playing the first couple of live concerts,4 songs were selected to be recorded (at the Majestic studio) clearly showing the intentions of the band: not black/death/thrash-metal as we know it,rather a drop of musical bile extracted from the boils of life,abrasive from every angle,kicking and screaming,cursing all the shit back to the pit.Aided by Anomie Productions’ tireless promo-networking ,the “Tools To Wield The Apes” demo got international response and reviews in various fan- and webzines.Small tours in france and germany ensued,giving the band an opportunity to fully fester,to weave and tangle their spells of mental impotence and universal uselessness.

Belgium’s MOSS UPON THE SKULL emerged in 2010 from the same swamps on which Brussels was founded, with the intent of playing unconventional, progressive death metal with a strong focus on philosophy, spiritualism, decay, and the mysteries of nature and the after-life.   After two promising EP’s, the band is back with a revelatory first full-length, “In Vengeful Reverence”, heavily influenced by esoteric, alchemical principles and alternative history, as put forward by luminaries like Michael Tsarion, Terrence McKenna, Aleister Crowley, or John Dee. “The album title refers to dealing with frustration, hardship or threat, not in an emotional way but with serene rationality, in order to overcome the adversity and remove the cause of the challenge,” explains singer/guitarist Jef Van de Weghe. “The blue flame concept informing the album represents the release of anger and frustration in a constructive and creative way. It makes sense to channel these energies into manipulating the world around us to serve our purpose, call it magick or   willpower.”   Music-wise, MOSS UPON THE SKULL’s dissident death metal takes inspiration from the works of GORGUTS, PESTILENCE and MORBID ANGEL, among the others, but the Belgians enrich the intricate structures of their music with black metal nuances and unique melodic flourishes, while a superlative and overtly technical rhythm section works in unison with inventive guitars, aggressive growls and   sporadic dark synths.   A perfect equilibrium of brutality, elegance and creativity within a death metal context, “In Vengeful Reverence” is surely going to put MOSS UPON THE SKULL on the map of today’s most original   metalbands.


Jan 25 2020



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Brussel, België
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