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» SKITSYSTEM (Punk / Hardcore)
They say let sleeping dogs lie. Well, someone did wake these dogs back in 1994. Four guys shared the background playing in different death metal bands, but sharing the sheer interest in raw punk, d-beat, käng, call it what you want! Sometime this year these four souls came to the conclusion that they should see each other for a jam and have a couple of beers to see what they could bring to life… The monster they created was SYSTEM COLLAPSE, later known as SKITSYSTEM… Tomas Lindberg (guitar …
» MARTYRDÖD (Blackened crust punk)
MARTYRDÖD was formed in 2001 by Mikael Kjellman (guitar) and Jens Bäckelin (drums) in Stockholm. They quickly recruited friends Dawa (vocals) and Axel Gustavsson (bass). This line-up recorded the first self-titled album (2003) in studio Necromorbus. The sound was what today would be described as blackened crust. Shortly after the release Dawa left the band and Pontus joined on second guitar. For the second album “In Extremis” (2005), MARTYRDÖD signed a one-off record deal with American punk label …
» KXDXG (Grindcore)


Jan 17 2020



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