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Oliver/Dawson Saxon – Dias & The Astronauts

Oliver/Dawson Saxon
Featuring Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson – both founder members of the legendary British Heavy Metal – Oliver/Dawson Saxon continue to rock audiences around the world with a blistering live set chock full of iconic rock anthems, from some of the most classic albums in metal history. After Saxon, Graham and Steve formed Son of a Bitch (Saxon’s original name) and recorded the album ‘Victim You’ with another former Saxon alumni Pete Gill, guitarist Haydn Conway and vocalist Ted Bullit. John ‘Wardi’ Ward joined in 2000 along with another former Saxon drummer Nigel Durham. In 2010 the band released the ‘Motorbiker’ album to great reviews, and features live favourite ‘Whipping Boy’. In 2011 Seventh Son vocalist Brian Shaugnessey joined, alongside Paul Oliver on drums and recorded the live album ‘Blood and Thunder’. Now featuring Gav Coulson on lead guitar after Haydn’s departure in 2016.

Dias & the Astronauts
From our own town of Ede we present Dias & The Astronauts. Formed in september 2008, Dias & The Astronauts is a Rock ‘n’ Roll band brought to life by ex-Until Dawn members Bobby Dias (vocals) and AST (bass). Their energetic mix of rock and punk in combination with Rock ‘n’ Roll lyrics is influenced by bands as Daniel Lioneye and Peter Pan Speedrock. In 2013 Kenneth(bass) & Eddy(drums) joined Bobby Dias as AST departed due to another musical project. In 2019 Kenneth left the band and it took us a while to find another bad ass bass guitarist. Bad ass bassists are hard to find! But yes, we found him! His name is Sander and he is an experienced rock ‘n roll Silver Fox that makes bass sound sexy as hell. Yet again we are currently rehearsing songs from the two EP’s recorded earlier in ’11 and ’12. *download 4 FREE on Soundcloud.com* Also Working on new material!


Jan 29 2021



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Ede, Gelderland
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