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Mouflon – Gizåh – Massive Assault

The heavy and dark sound, characteristic for Mouflon, is a mix of old school death metal and doom metal that causes a variation in songs with soundwaves that make many buildings tremble. Influenced by the old school bands but not acting like a retro band, Mouflon bounces from one head banging moment to the next with a sense of pure destruction!

This is what happens when you put musicians from bands like Divine Sins, Mary Fields, Hordearii, Shinigami and Bleeding Gods together in one room and let them do whatever the hell they want.

Massive Assault
Diesel truck grinding guitar sound, pounding drums, supercharged bass and aggressive vocals are merged into the band called Massive Assault.
Their music is a perfect mix of “early nineties” Death Metal & D-beat/Crust with Hardcore Punk energie.


Nov 30 2019



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Hengelo, Overijssel
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