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March – Rotzak

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MARCH (nl/be – punkrock / rock ‘n roll)
Join us on a dark ride through March’ haunted house called DE CINEMA in Aalst, and listen to the devil on your shoulder. It’s time to shake the dust off your bones at set loose at the release party of their new album “Set Loose” (Uncle M Records)

Aptly described as ‘Brody Dalle and John Coffey forming an EpiFat band’, MARCH takes bits from rock and punk to give their songs a raw edge, a catchy twist and a positive message. After many supports for bands like Lagwagon, Descendents and Heideroosjes it’s time to deliver another intense live show as well – deserved headliner!

Rotzak (be – rock ‘n roll)
Rotzak (Dutch for Dirtbag) is a four headed animal hailing from Diest (Belgium). The band rages through six decades of rock ‘n roll history, absorbing it like a sponge and spitting it out, snarling, writhing in agony and joy at the same time. The result: fierce rawk’nchaoscore with a melodic twist. In 2017 they released their self-titled debut EP earning them a place in the Belgian underground scene with intense and all out rocking live shows. Their first full length will be released in 2020, tackling themes like mental health and internet trolling, while a stray serial killer is laughing his head off.

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Mar 12 2020



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Aalst, Oost-Vlaanderen, België
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