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DHG/Dødheimsgard – Bölzer – Blaze of Perdition – Matterhorn

LET OP! Dit concert zou plaatsvinden in Gebr.Nobel in Leiden, maar is verplaatst naar Musicon in Den Haag!

DØDHEIMSGARD en BÖLZER bundelen hun krachten met BLAZE OF PERDITION en MATTERHORN voor de ‘VOID DANCERS MMXIX’ tour. Deze tour zal aftrappen in November in Budapest. Vervolgens trekken ze door heel Europa met op 3 december een verpletterend optreden in Musicon.

Dødheimsgard (also known as DHG) is a Norwegian metal band formed in 1994 by Vicotnik and Aldrahn. Dødheimsgard was originally a more pure black metal band, but 1999’s ‘666 International’ saw them evolve into an experimental and avant-garde band with a wide array of musical influences. In 2000, they shortened their name to DHG. “Dødheimsgard” is a contraction of three words: Død which means ‘death’, heim which means ‘home’ and gard which means (at least in this context) ‘realm’. A natural translation into English would be “Realm of Death”.

Bölzer is an outlet and conduit for primal energies, it’s only source of inspiration being the extremities of nature and the inner self. True beauty and enlightenment are found athwart the peaks, amidst the shades. These are the songs that we have heard reverberate from those places. Ascend and fall…emerge from nothingness a thunderbolt of flaming wisdom! Blessed be the conflagration of my mortal soul! Already wielding a demo (Roman Acupuncture/2012) and two EPs (Aura/2013, Soma/2014), their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Hero’ has made a sound impact amongst fans and virgin ears alike, further supporting a fiercely sovereign reputation as one of extreme metal’s truly unique acts.

Blaze of Perdition was founded in 2007 by the guitarist XCIII and started its activity by releasing a split CD „In the Void and Serpent, the Spirit is One” with the russian band Pseudogod. The band’s line-up changed numerous times over the years, however XCIII and Sonneillon remained the source of all musical and conceptual content. November 2nd 2013 turned out to be fatal as the band’s bassist died in a car crash on tour and the vocalist Sonneillon became unable to participate in live activities due to his serious injuries, however remained important in the band’s creative process and responsible for the studio vocal recordings, lyrics, graphic design as well as contact with the media. Blaze of Perdition recorded four full-length albums and is currently working on the fifth one entitled „The Harrowing of Hearts” and planned for release in 2019/2020.

MATTERHORN has been conceived in late fall of 2012. The story incepts in the suburb of Zürich, where the band played on instruments for the first time. MORBID, NEKROKING and TIM TOT then have deeply bound for equal interests leading to limitless voyages and try-outs in music; aiming to play the most evil and heavy music. Sincerity strengthened each other’s will to master their newly needed and started instruments and getting away from being musical novices. It seems to be a certain decree that the band stays in the formation of a trio with no lineup changes since the beginning. Regardless whether awkwardly situated personal states or the surrounding negativity would hinder the stiff climb, all other personal paths were quit. They strictly defined their conception and semblance until the direction of MATTERHORN has crystallized out, deeply embodying the Metal-DNA to an original form to fit very personal songs dealing with lyrics attempting to be the purest achievable at the time. Rehearsing each day has shown clear results: Eventually, their musical understanding, also emotionally, would’ve grown-up to new, broader and more integral and differenced views of their music. Violently running through a harsh and radical process of rewriting and quashing most of their material, MATTERHORN came to be a permanent vision of life – as the very first professional musical actualization for the band’s members. A crass release: Without leaving any demo or EP behind, the three reached the need to exhaust the past with a debut full-length. Already having shared the stage with acts BÖLZER & URFAUST on their first professional live show, the trio was trained to record the first album being entitled « CRASS CLEANSING ». Personally allegorical for the longed relief, and artistically as a synonym for the latter days. The band entered the Studio Nord Bremen in late September 2017. The debutant act is a product of what the band was working on for years, what they anticipated the most. And at the time of recording, the group could not have possibly done anything other – violently strove for recording a classic as an aggressive youthful rebellious start to blast them all away. Searching for darkness and heaviness in diverse and sometimes almost morbidly comic shades, the constant search for more exceptionalism is their sheer life purpose. Yet unsigned, the group intended to release « CRASS CLEANSING » as a limited first version on their own; due an urgently required relief from its horned matter, for reaching out and already being enabled to storm the stages to shake the world heavily! After breaking out of isolation as quite a solipsistic band, the group measured with reality for the first time and thus became delusional with an immense enthusiastic drive: The music was still less heavy than needed for fitting with the darkening content, the second coming is to be created to impersonate the group’s riper senses and capability to advance towards an outstanding an inventive group – By that time already conceived and begotten! « CRASS CLEANSING » will be advanced to completion by the two remarkable bonus tracks ‘Crass Cleansing’ and ‘Bydying’. MATTERHORN’s further future will seamlessly continue after the release of CRASS CLEANSING in 2018, ensued by their tour in fall, having shared the stages with groups like Hirax, Demilich, Spectral Voice, Warbringer or Dark Fortress and their second full length, to be scheduled for late 2019. This year will be concluded by touring full Europe with Deiphago (20 shows May/June) and further with Dødheimsgard and Bölzer (18 shows Nov/Dec). Infinitely variable ways of the deepening darkness and new approaches are conceivable …



Dec 03 2019



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