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ENFORCED announce new album “Kill Grid” for March 12th, 2021

(photo by Morgan Parrish)


Virginia-based crossover band ENFORCED open their Century Media account with their new album, “Kill Grid”.

Watch the previously released “Skinned Alive” below.

Formed in Richmond in 2017 out of shreds of disbanded hardcore and punk bands, ENFORCED quickly found their calling between the undying support of regional punk/hardcore scenes and their respective record collections. Whether it’s Sacred Reich and Integrity or Bolt Thrower and Amebix, “Pure Crossover Death,” as ENFORCED call their devastating din, devastatingly speared its way through two demos (“Demo 2017” and “Retaliation”) and their no-holds-barred debut, “At the Walls”.

Stay tuned for further details about “Kill Grid” as well as its timing for release and the live-campaign to support it…

Enforced Line-Up:
Ethan Gensurowsky – bass
Zach Monahan – guitar 
Knox Colby – vocals 
Alex Bishop – drums 
Will Wagstaff – guitar

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