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DRUIDS release single and video for "Ide's Koan"

band announces upcoming album "Shadow Work" for June 3rd 2022 on Pelagic Records


USA psychedelic rock and sludge metal band DRUIDS announce their fourth album Shadow Work through Pelagic Records. The album is scheduled for released on June 3rd, 2022. In celebration, the band now released a new single and accompanying video for the song “Ide’s Koan.

Watch “Ide’s Koan” below. 

“We wanted to make a record that reflected the uncertainty of everything in 2020, and we figured this would be the time to really try something different,” explains drummer Keith Rich. By moving their operations from their hometown of Des Moines, IA to Salt Lake City, UT, the band were able to escape the distractions of everyday life and shift their gaze from the endless cornrows of their homeland to the breathtaking peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The result is a record that sees the band increase the dynamics of their compositions while incorporating an even wider spectrum of sounds. “We wanted to make a pivot with this new record, slow things down and experiment with different sounds,” continues Rich, pointing to further influences ranging from Radiohead to Neurosis. Indeed the choppy bass lines of album closer ‘Cloak-Noir Bloom’ do hearken back to quintessential experimental rock opus ‘Airbag’, while only moments later the same track breathes the explosive atmosphere of the seminal post-metal act from Oakland, California.

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