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DIHM releases song Quand La Terre Est Gelée Et Que Tout Semble Mort


Dutch genre-transcending artist Mathieu Nijboer released another single, this time for his epic doom side project DIHM. The song of choice is the 22 minute spanning “pet de cerveau” Quand La Terre Est Gelée Et Que Tout Semble Mort. The grandeur of the video was conjured with artificial intelligence, to best match the mind-dwelling, atmospheric doom metal. Nijboer is responsible for all instruments and programming and produced the album in his own studio.

Watch Quand La Terre Est Gelée Et Que Tout Semble Mort below.

The song is also available for free downloading on the band’s Bandcamp page.

Says DIHM:

DIHM is a studio project from Mathieu, which started out as a way to explore the possibilities of his home-studio. Being a metal guitarist in bands as Menschwalsch, Ombre Obscure and Snarled, he had the urge to create a different kind of music, with guitars but also with his midi keyboard. He started out experimenting in his new home studio on March 21st 2018 and worked on this project occasionally. His thoughts about these 4 songs are that the songs are musical journey’s through paintings of the 4 seasons. Mathieu decided to release the 4 songs on his birthday, December 10th  2022 as a present for anybody who likes it. It is released as a free download on Bandcamp and on all the streaming platforms as the album ‘Un Pet De Cerveau’.

All songs will be accompanied by a video of Midjourney AI, one video (for the song Quand La Terre Est Gelée Et Que Tout Semble Mort) is already uploaded on YouTube channel https://youtube.com/@dihm6732

So if you like moody ambient-ish songs with the occasional metal riff and you are not afraid of long journeys, please step inside my brain!

Last year, Nijboer released the entire album ‘Kralj Gora‘ of his progressive project Snarled for free on Bandcamp, also on December 10th. Nijboer is also the guitarist in Menschwalsch, Ombre Obscure, and previously of Grindbashers and he played bass in Carnal Leftovers.

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